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    FIFA 12 ID Lists

    wondering anyone know whats the "created player" is? is it gonna save at the same data base as well?? thx
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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    well...too bad my cm11 doesn't start... not thing response after i double click it... seems like some problem with my pc system:facepalm: also guys. I think the vp (virtual player or pro) is inside the database1 heres the pics
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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    I made an Obama yesterday, faces' qualities are fair enough. But its reli fun to create a player what you want lol Took a photo from my friend on the skype and I would say its 80% same on the, but 70% in the game after I downloaded it.
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    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    well. this is actually wt Im searching for the whole day!! Glad you find where those files are, but does anyone know will it be able to import into our game? like the why how we use the texmod or FIFA 12 Texture Editor? also...assume I had create a custom player, wondering where is his face...