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    The Wolf 2005 Evolution Patch PES4 PC - Full Release

    The turf aint so good. Old trafford's new turf looks too green, munich olympiastadion looks too yelowish. Maybe more emphasis gota be placed on turfs nex time as it affects the feel of the game
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    too easy to get into crossing position
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    because the cpu tries to make it harder by cramping evryone in the penalty box. i try to go around the madly packed defence and pass around to the wings then run in and score.alos scoring with headers esp corners are incrediblily easy( i m playing at 5 stars) wtf. i had paul scholes outjumping 2...
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    PES3 is a let down

    cramping alot of defenders in the box to make it more difficult to score is nonsense
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    Olimpico roma stadium unlockable!?

    interior training ground is interesting
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    FIFA 2004 The biggest FIFA let down yet!!

    i must say u can make more realistic through balls in fifa04 them pes3, cos i ve done some myself, but after getting free socring is too easy, compared to pes3 which takes more effort in scoring, but in fifa it takes more effort to make a sweet through pass and if you say theres no realistic...
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    PES3 PC - diagonal pass bug??

    i get that too when i try to launch a through chip and the ball ends up on my goalie's feet instead
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    Textures f(%)#"¤ up in the stadium

    gf4 mx is causing all sorta probs in evry games
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    Some Images And 2 Goals Pes 3 pc

    why is the dload for the avis so slow i m dling at 200bytes/s omg
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    in d game totti cold outrun the whole defence tts ****
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    PCZone FIFA04 Review

    theres no better word to describe the game interface
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    Get rid of Motson & McCoist!!!

    yes they should have a few sets of comentators eg tyler n gray so that it doesnt get boring after awhile.
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    According to Konami game is on cd-rom

    dont know why collina is on the cover
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    2003/2004 League Play + Rival mode

    whats rival mode can some1 explain?
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    fifa 2004 pc horror

    this sort of problems happens cos ea fifa team has switched from making the game for consoles and neglecting the pc version therefore the missing pc features(save replay multiplayer etc)which ea later made a way should a soccer game have such demanding specs
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    Will these things ever change?

    the advantage play is silly too. sometimes the player is given advantage however the ball is up for grabs and the opponent got the ball straight away,happens alot of times man. yea the keepers are quite weak.the worst is a weak header about 1 feet away from him actualy goes in while the keeper...
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    Don't you think Konami is committing suicide...

    they wont sell well with this kind of advertising and timing of the release. whats more its only dvd omg, the consumer base is really limited
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    Ball Selector 0.1b -DOWNLOAD NOW!

    LOL u can work for ea
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    Lobs into space (non-OTB)

    use c+a for lobbing ball into space
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    post your vote, should ea dissin threads be allowed or deleted?

    the worst thing that can be said and i personally hate it very much is when they have pes-influenced comments like its impossible to dribble(shows how ignorant and noobish you are, and also they said it becos of the ease of dribbling in pes3) or the shot goes 100mph, (which i do not think it is...