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    FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter

    Can somebody please update download links?
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    FIFA 15 3D Model Importer/Exporter

    Come on Arti...we are waiting you to update the script....please....
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    Finally i managed to make crowd for my stadium....jost small problems,please if somebody knows how can i make all crowd to be right,please answer me..
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    gabrimo's Stadiums

    First of all,you have to learn texturing in blender.Then is the lightmap.....i will make a short tutorial for you next day's...
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    Stadiums By Willams9991

    You did great job here mate.Verry detailed stadium....I hope one day to do the same.But for moment i have problems in making crowd for my stadium....can you help me please?
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    Twich's Stadiums

    Hy twich.Maybe you can give me a little help in making crowd for my stadium....please man ...i have problems making crowd....
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    FIFA 15 Crowd Tutorial Needed

    Guys,please if somebody can help me by making a short tutorial for crowd for fifa 15?I try to make with fifa 14 tutorial,but i don't see my crowd in game,even after regenerating in CM15.Please,i need this tutorial....
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    I don't think man.I have enough work to do for fifa 15....
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    yes,but i dont't have crowd for fifa first stadium is for fifa 15...
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    Hello guys.Can somebody help me exporting crowd?In fifa 14 i did it,but now it doesn't work..please if somebody could help me it would be great....
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    BFL TEAM's Stadiums

    Hello BFL...please,can you make a small tutorial for crowd exporting?I try to make it by working on the fifa 14 crowd exporting tutorial,but i can't see my crowd in game....plase make a small tutorial,it won't take you mode then 5 minutes...
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    Slow,but sure,and with twopix and elevation help,i managed to import in game. First screens here...What do you think?
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    Thanks for your positive feedback would be great if somebody decide to help me
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    Thanks manu74.Really...nobody here for help?PLEASE...
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    Sultanu's Stadiums

    Hello guys.I am George.I made some stadiums from Romania in blender,but i don't know how to import them in game.I get manny errors.These are my stadiums.First one is FC Botosani stadium: The second stadium is CF Braila(second league) The third is Chiajna Another stadium is Otelul...
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    Alex's Stadiums

    Good work Alex.I like the way you do it ;)
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello boys,i am sultanu,and i make stadiums in 3D