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    Kits 2009/2010 overview

    I don't know, if Slowhand creates a Club Kits Quick Search for the season 2009/2010. But I started in the FIFA Point Forum an overview with all created kits for the next season: Visit Overview Kits 09/10 for FIFA 09
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    FIFA Point Bundesliga Roster Update

    This is the first version of the FIFA Point Bundesliga Roster Update. It contains rosterupdates for the teams from the first league in Germany. Features:* Roster Formation some other changes Download FIFA Point Bundesliga Roster Update v0.1 A Roster Update for the second league...
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    2. Bundesligasoundpatch @ FIFA Point!

    aggroer from FIFA Point made a soundpatch for the 2. Bundesliga from Germany. The patch includes for all teams: - Chants - Goalsounds - and some stadion speaker announcements You can install the patch with the Sound Master 09 from Rinaldo. Download 2. Bundesligasoundpatch @...
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    How to import faces?

    Hello all, I have a question and I hope, you can help me. I used the search, but I can't find anything about my problem. I know how to import a new face for a player, who has already a original face from EA. But what's with new faces for player, who hasn't an EA-face? How can I import...
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    @ all Facemakers: 1. Bundesliga-Facepack - We need your help!

    Hello, I work with MexicanTraveller on a big Facepack for the 1. Bundesliga (Germany). This Facepack will be contain all existing Faces for the 1. Bundesliga. Therefore I ask all Facemaker, who give us the permission to use their Bundesliga-Faces for this Patch, to post their Faces in this...
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    1. Bundesliga Roster-Update

    I've made an Roster-Update for first german league. This Roster-Update contains all transfers from Bundesligateams in the last transferperiod. And the formations are from the last matchday or the last Cupmatches. You can install this patch with an .exe installation (thx to fcafreak) or with the...