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    Any chance of a name change?

    Trust me no you dont.
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    Steven gerard owned by a kid

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    Amsterdam . . .

    Smoke a blunt nigga!!!
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    this is how easy it is

    As a loyal Revolution fan, I still do not see how Dempsey is still being called to the Nats, despite his final third of the season. That being said, hopefully he does something for the National team.
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    Question about assault

    I thought this thread was going to be funnier...
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    Clint Dempsey aka "Deuce"

    You can't really rap about soccer, it just doesnt work that well. What I would like to see is Clint making some other songs, and maybe with some bigger artists than that guy he made "Don't Tread On Us" with. How about trying to do a track with Paul Wall or Chamillionaire? That'd be a pretty good...
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    R.I.P George Best

    seems like a bad thing to say, considering the way he went.
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    5th difficulty - Legendary

    You have to win all the challenges from any two sections to unlock it.
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    Robert Pires has set Arsenal a two-month deadline: "Offer me a better deal or I quit"

    Can anyone post a link to the PK attempt?
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    Team Chants Complaint and Suggestions

    I wouldn't mind seeing Corinthians chants.
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    Help me out

    Blue Green Red
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    Typical EA

    isnt that about 10 years premature?
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    Concacaf Region Players.

    Are you guys tired of all the big teams getting their kits made? Wouldnt you guys want maybe some MLS sides to have some kits done? Well heres your start. Thats right...your start. Included with this post is the logos and everything you'll need to start making your own CONCACAF region...
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    Chris Rock is a piece of ****

    Dane Cook is hilarious. Kind of stupid comedy, but he is insightful at points. Try his CD's, Harmful if swallowed, and his new one, Retaliation(sp??).
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    not bad (Y)
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    Yesss! Resevred!

    not in the USA.
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    Post your questions for an Interview!

    When will Homojovo just decide to leave for good?
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    The Teams that you are gonna manage

    New England Revolution