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    Boycott pay features of CM08

    Why shouldn't someone get paid for their hard work? If they want to charge for it is their choice... if you dont want to buy it, then don't.
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    Stadiums in FIFA 08 360 version?

    they havent released an official list. Just that there are 30 of them
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    Xbox 360 FIFA 2008 first impressions

    I agree with everything sa33 typed up.
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    Xbox 360 FIFA 2008 first impressions

    lol, that would be a lot of teams, a 60 team demo.. wow.
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    Xbox 360 FIFA 2008 first impressions

    I disagree with this, I have really screwed up some shots, sending them way off.
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    Xbox 360 FIFA 2008 first impressions

    i havent noticed that. also the control the goalie is currentgen only i think
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    Xbox 360 FIFA 2008 first impressions

    I agree with Nick as well... if you are trying to play this like you would fifa07, specially with assists off, you're not going to make it very far.
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    360° fifa football

    check ur spam folder
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    Fifa 07 Xbox 360

    fifa 07 online is quite fun actually... I had some very good matches, is the first fifa game that I still dont get bored playing 3 months after release.
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    Now I know why...

    i skip all that stuff anyway.. lol
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    Favourite Teams For Rank Matches?

    it seems lately everyone uses Arsenal... I usually stick to Valencia just because i use it as practice, I like Inter as well... if someone uses International teams I stick with Argentina..
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    running super-fast??

    yes is a cheat, there is a bug somewhere, I have played a couple of people using it... it sucks.. I heard it only happens on non ranked matches, but I have seen it on ranked ones too..
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    Disc Cannot be Read Error ..

    i did not know it wan an "unlicensed product" then is stupid to buy one
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    Disc Cannot be Read Error ..

    of course they get money from it. You cannot sell stuff for 360 without MS's license.
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    If ITS THIS GOOD NOW...Imagine next year!

    ?? there are headers
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    play NK FOOTBALL © online!

    it seems all my matches are against chelsea, brazil or arsenal lately
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    passing assistance:which level do u play?

    i play online with assistance on 0 too... i am sure I have lost some games because of it, but I am ok with it... i like it better that way.
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    OT Xbox360 Q?

    it should work straight to the modem, try resetting it after connecting to the 360