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    Is it me or...

    Also make sure you have downloaded the fix to make the "huge" database accessible. Its not by default with this version and 2007.
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    installing football manager 2008

    Your gonna have to do better than that mate. More info please.
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    Foreign Player Limits

    I didnt bother mentioning it mate because its VERY shoddy. Nothing matches up to what you edit and its made by some Chinese amateur...Not worth the download really.
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    Foreign Player Limits

    Not yet Horatiu. The creators are waiting till 8.0.1 is released in a couple of weeks before releasing it. There is a beta version somewhere but its in some Asian language.
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    Foreign Player Limits

    Would be nice if there was a way to edit the wage cap for the A-League. I mean its fine and realistic now but in reality it will rise according to the wealth and growth of the league here. In the game however it will not (im assuming) which makes it hard for longevity with an A-League club...
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    please help - black screen when starting fm2008

    return the game mate, something is screwy with the disk i'd say...
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    how do I improve my results?

    I'd take this question to the SI Forums to be honest. Thats where the real FM nerds reside ;) hehe
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    help new patch

    Wait....your mum(?!?) plays FM? :p
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    FIFA 08 website, up and running

    Bah.. I have no doubt that the next FIFA release will be another disapointment in the main. EA have no need to shock and wow their audience to make profit, merely keeping them an acceptable distance from complete disgust is enough to keep the wagon rolling for them. Im fully expecting...
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    WE:PES2007 Patch?

    Yeah i cant find **** so far...sigh Guess i'll just stick to muckin around with the Leagues until the next PES comes out :P
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    WE:PES2007 Patch?

    Yeah lookin for a PC patch only lads ;)
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    WE:PES2007 Patch?

    Hi guys, Have been without PES since i unistalled Pro Evo 6 a while back coz i was tired of it. Recently picked up the newie at a EB sale and was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of the latest and greatest ("Wolf" like) patch for the game? Cheers in advance! ;)
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    sombody has Summer Transfers update patch?

    The FM Weegie update over on the si forums is not bad. Im using that atm, it has all the latest transfers, club takeovers and other updates.
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    crash dump

    I had the same problem, not sure what it was in the end, gave up trying to decipher it in the end and reinstalled. Was a pain in the arse coz i redid all my graphics too but it fixed it.
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    FM07 to Fifa07 minikits by bruno167

    May i ask if you made the FM kits yourself? or if not who's originals they are? There is a large community of FM kit makers out there and im sure they deserve to be asked if their kits can be used like this, or at least given credit in your work for the original pieces...
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    depends on whether you trust the other clubs training facilities and coach's really. Im a little cautious about who i loan my hot prospects to, they need to have decent training grounds and capable coach's or i'll keep em with the club and my training scheduel's and play em in cup games.
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    We are staying up? - Reading F.C

    Good idea and the execution so far is engaging :) Keep it up! ;)
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    Offical Forum For FM2007

    It aint that good anyway. Nothing but pretentious "FM Guru's" dressing up tactical discussion threads like they are actual managers discussing real people, and cretins making foul, abusive and racist comments...waste of time and effort imo.
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    Reports suggest its a "wait for the patch" game. Gamespy noted that they struggled to run the game for more than 5mins without it crashing. Still, looks interesting.
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    Big photo packs

    Head over to the SI forums or Susie and download the large pic modification. It changes the .xml's in the Panels folder to allow the larger pics to fit in the profile screen ;)