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    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

    This is looking great...awesome looking patch...
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    FIFA 13 & PES 2013 Quick Graphics & Gameplay Comparison

    PES 2010 & PES 2011 are acceptable but 2012 & 2013 are awfull...i cannot bring myself to play it anymore... FIFA Gameplay are more realistic rather than PES are ROBOT playing football
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    Career Mode Crash

    try delete your game face...see if it still crash or not
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    Increase CPU Fouls

    tweak your slider
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    Missing Transfers

    try download latest squad in-game...
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    FIFA 13 - Career Mode

    I start my career mode with chelsea (formation : 4-3-3) Loan out all young player below 60 ovr...renew some contract... 3 Friendly - 1 Win 1 Draw 1 Lose Bought Mesut Ozil in to strengthen MID & ATT Rotating several tactics : 4-3-3 , 4-5-1, 4-3-3 False 9, 4-3-2-1 (custom tactics)
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    Is Matchday Commentary Supposed To Appear In Career Mode?

    for my game...i play chelsea and i transfer mesut ozil to my team... commentator say a lot about him get his debut...and how he impact my team...
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    How To Use Files Here

    your career is save if you only edit the graphic if db was edited then your career will be damaged...
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    Kits by Charlinhoo

    Amazing Chelsea...great it :)
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    Kits for season 12/13 by DoMiNaToR

    fantastic...keep it up
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    Regularcat's FIFA 12 Mods

    I want to say Thank You regularcat for this amazing gameplay... before i use your gameplay, i just keep winning and winning even on legendary and even after adjusting the slider... BUT after using your career mode become more intersting and now it is harder to win, which is...
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    Graphics by VK

    Awesome work V.K
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    ZIC scoreboards

    thanks zic for the SB...
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    Kenshin's real benches for stadiums

    you need to resize it first then start insert it using CM12...
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    Kenshin's real benches for stadiums

    Thanks for this...amazing work...
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    Malaysia Leagues Patch for FIFA 12 PC

    great news...GKG...
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    Cesc's Work

    awesome man...
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    *aLe's editing shack

    why don't you make kit for team that are in the game...that should be better... anyway...nice kit...
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    Fifa 12 editing generation update

    fantastic looking logos...
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    Stadiums 2012