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    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v5 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 22/23 Season)

    Hello guys, I got crash when selecting a kits in a career mode. If I went to exhibition, it didn't crash. Anyone know how to fix this? Cheers.
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    2019-20 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Hello, I love your patch as always. When I start FIFA 11 with your patch, nothing happened (the game didn't open). Already regenerate it, maybe you have some solution ? Cheers
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    FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16

    Thanks already installed it, the kit is cool. But can I know how to convert the .db file ? thanks cheers
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    FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16

    Hello I'd like to inform you that I got an error 404 for first pack. If you're not busy maybe can reupload it and share it with us, thank you for your hard work for FIFA 14 community . cheers !
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    National Teams Mod by Ovide

    following this thread since 1 month ago, keep up the good work bro, we support you
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    2016-17 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    I uninstalled it and use Reloaded version and it works like a charm, thank you very much mate you're legend of my first FIFA game :)
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    2016-17 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Hello mate, I already did and run regenerator. It works until I started a tournament and then get crashed, is there any solution to fix this ? thanks !
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    2016-17 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Hello mate I just install your patch and I got black screen. Before I installed this it worked normally. Any suggestion ? thanks
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Sorry for this newbie question but can I play your gameplay with the other database ? For example Matrix database hehehe anyway I like your gameplay so much thanks !!
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    Transfers Update - Moddingway Users

    I already tested to change the years and crashing too bro
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    Transfers Update - Moddingway Users

    Thanks mate !! Good luck for your next update :) I'll be waiting for that cheers !
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    saeedavril's Themes

    Brilliant work . thanks :)
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    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

    Perfect patch for me , but can i know how to uninstall this patch ? thanks :bob:
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    Patch Brazilian Soccer + World V1.

    totally support for this patch , cheers !
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    Latest Squad

    Hello guys , would you please upload a squad file for the latest update ? Thanks for reply and sorry if I just write this in the wrong section ;) cheers
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    squads pleas

    up for this
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    About Tournament Mode

    Thanks for reply :) But I select create tournament (group & knockout) not new tournament Best Regrads
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    About Tournament Mode

    Hello guys , do you know the solution if you got crashed in tournament mode ? Thank you in advance GBU . :-D