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    Club Logo

    Hello, can someone please make 2 logos for me !? Well, I need 128x128 .png logos. Links of logos to make : Al-Ittihad Tripoli : Club Nacional Montevideo : Thanks in...
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    FIFA 13 - First Details

    omg, why EA just can't put at least 3 new leagues in EVERY new fifa year by would be fantastic, but it seems like i can only dream about it.
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    FIFA 13 Leagues

    Why EA just can't put Argentine Primera Division in the game...but i think its getting close, coz there are more Argentine clubs in rest of world :) But yeah, there are many other leagues aswell, which HAVE TO BE in the game, but aren't...Greek, Ukrainian, Japanese etc.
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    Ei noh, mul sõbrad tahtsid, et ma igal pool jagaksin. Seda ma tegin :) mul suht pohhui, mida te siin arvate ^^
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    Help!!!!! FIFA11 is it me!?

    try Morecambe or Macclesfield ! :D
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    Europa League Scoreboard

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    Free Kicks

    legendary is hardest in 07 !! Download unlocker :
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    mis creaciones de kits 2010:2011

    plz make kits from england second strongest league after Premier League - Npower Championship kits !!
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    2010/11 New Kits

    check out from world cup kits thread !!
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    Very Big Facepack For FIFA 07 and 08

    Hey, plz upload this pack (where is Adam Johnson) to !!! PLZ
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    My Kits(Fantasy)

    Great ! But when you have finished with Primera Division in future, then please start making Npower Championship kits !! (it´s English 2nd strongest league after Premier League ) Plz ,waiting for your acception.
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    Erhan kits

    Hi, please start making Npower Championship kits !! (2010-11)
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    RafaelBG85 workshop

    absolutely great stuff mate, can you make same with Brazilian Serie B ?!
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    New teams ?

    how ?? it's a long story !! first - i downloaded many many different league patches second - i made my own cmp patches for these teams what i'd liked to add to clean fifa later ! third - i uninstalled everything (fifa 07,CM 07) .. fourth - i reinstalled FIFA 07 and CM07. fifth - i loaded...
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    Boom Boom Pow

    Nice !
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    My Kits(Fantasy)

    i meant Primera División de Mexico !
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    Season 2010/11 Kits Collection

    please someone (kitmaker) start making nPower Championship 2010-11 all kits with minis for all clubs !!
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    Erhan kits

    Hercules minis please !