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  1. pichatz

    RHZH's work

    it's very difficult to get good program
  2. pichatz

    JochemLFC2's Graphics

    how to fix this program because for not working for perfect like not Import file or program it's exist or crush
  3. pichatz

    RHZH's work

    which software good for edit scoreboard for fifa 14 because for fifa 14 atleast is good to CG file explorer 16
  4. pichatz

    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    th blender better old version to use like a v.71
  5. pichatz

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

    Also, not everything you see, I have taken some things from people like kits, I make them myself, even the theme that I will release, so some of the things that fail are what I take and I give credit. I am also here on soccer gaming to increase the knowledge of patching things that my pc is...
  6. pichatz

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

    Are you sure I have used your Facepacks or are you talking about things that have no point because you don't seem to understand
  7. pichatz

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

    no necessary point i need to bann right now but for this forum is better to learn but from now i know how to create some mod but not for all mod like theme and more i know. Still some people already get jealous for my work i think better or no better
  8. pichatz

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

    for long time
  9. pichatz

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

  10. pichatz

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

    I'm here at Soccer gaming to learn some things along with the content I'm doing, that's why I'm giving #soccergaming credit for things that I can't make myself, also on the issue of Yamal Facepack, I need it for two reasons, my fans really need that Facepack and the last reason is that I don't...
  11. pichatz

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

    also create lamine yamal player From FC Barcelona
  12. pichatz

    Zuero Mesu Kits - FC Barcelona Kits by me

    s send resolution 1024 x 1024
  13. pichatz

    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    and lamine yamal Facepack
  14. pichatz

    ARCZ updated/converted faces - Fifa16

    yo you can send facepack for Barcelona like a lamine yamal and fermin lopez
  15. pichatz

    23-24 Converted Kits

    also send new scoreboard overlays like Epl and laliga
  16. pichatz

    RHZH's work

    how to import font file (*,ttf)