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    argument paper

    hey guys I have to write an argunment paper for my english class, I have a couple of ideas but not sure, can you help me to find some topics, and also why should i choose this topic?
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    Jesus returning: Pat Robertson

    there is not way the world will end now, Greece hasn't won the World cup yet :)
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    important national teams can't find in FIFA 06?

    yes there is a patch coming soon man. and is called PES5 (H)
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    classic team

    there is a classic team in the fanshop you can unlock
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    Denmark vs. Greece - feeds?

    I really hope Turkey will beat Albania
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    classic team

    what in the hell is wrong with EA, just played with the classic team, that is so discrimitation, they should have more classic teams. Where is Peter Schmeichel, G.Weah.Van Bastern.Puskas,Pele,Maradona,Cruyff and other players too. By the way why is Leonardo in the classic team?
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    Denmark vs. Greece - feeds?

    hopefully Denmark and Turkey will both lose, so we can go through the playoff round
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    Manchester United Player In Rape Scandal

    whatever happen to Van Pierse?
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    President of SG

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    Missing Players

    he wont be there for a long time, soon a major european club will take him
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    Missing Players

    how about Allen Boscic? did he retired? he was a good player, and also if any greek people know, did Alexandris, and Amanatidis retired?
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    What have they done whit the kits?

    EA did a decent game with decent gameplay, but when PES5 comes out, it will own fifa
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    Van De Meyde

    thats so stupid, EA finally makes a decent game, and they have to screwd it up with little stupid things :kader:
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    Serie A: Juventus vs Inter "Derby D'Italia" [P+R]

    inter deserved a point from this game, they plaed good in the second half
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    Help me out

    blue red green
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    have u ever hit a women

    good job Gavin, I bet you are so proud of your accomplishment (H) nevertheless it take a lot of guts to hit a woman/girl
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    Van De Meyde

    i have a problem, when I create a player in the last name, there is not enough space, for example Karagounis is not in anywhere exept from Greece, when I go to put his name is just enough for karagouni
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    updated transfers

    thanx man, I'll look at that link