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    Caldwell's Kits

    awesome kits mate!! :D
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    Zyreq's Faces

    amazing quality! (Y)
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    Zyreq's Faces

    :clap::clap: amazing pack!!! waiting! :D
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    Zyreq's Faces

    amazing faces!!
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    thanks pepis! :D
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    Stark Industries

    amazing! :clap:
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    Erwin's Kits

    awesome job!
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    FIFA 13 by Woodyciento

    amazing concord bro!!! thanks a lot!!! :D
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    Fede Kits [From Argentina]

    nice!! works!!!
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    FIFA 13 Best Kit Maker Cup

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    Hagi's Kit Collections

    amazing works!!!
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    The Crew Kits

    thanks for your help bro!!! :) :33vff3o: amazing works!!!
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    The Crew Kits

    amazing kits!!! hey bro could you tell me how make bumps please???
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    Kits by Brians666

    León fc 2013!!!-Liga mx!!! away:
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    Devil's Kits

    amazing quality in that kit!!!!!!
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    Church Shoes II

    wow!!! what a quality!!!
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    Hagi's Kit Collections

    awesome inter kits!!!
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    Kits by LexLehich

    :clap: keep it up!!!
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    Kits by Prame33 (awe33rus)

    wow!!! amazing kits!!!:D