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    ZikaJeSrbin's Serbian Superliga Graphics

    Adboards (Work in Progress) This page or index will be updated with adboards. 8/16 FK Cukaricki/OFK Beograd/FK Mladost/FK Radnik/FK Vojvodina/FK Spartak FK Metalac/FK Vozdovac
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    ZikaJeSrbin's Kits

    Superliga Srbije 95% Prva Liga Srbije On Hold Srpske Lige (4 Groups) On Hold
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    Third/Alternative Kits by ZikaJeSrbin

    15/16 Team Kits: Only 3072* dimensions Stade de Reims 15/16 Home Kit + Minikit: here TSG Hoffenheim 1899 Home Kit + Minikit: here Genoa CFC Commemorative Kit (First Championship) + Goalkeeper Kit + Minikits 15/16: here Crystal Palace F.C. 15/16 Home and Away Kits + Minikits: here Athletic...
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    The Deep Web

    Hello fellow SG members... To be sincere, I really do not know what instigated me to open this thread, but it seems to me as a worthy topic to discuss. I am sure that probably most of you have heard of the Deep Web or commonly known as the Dark Web. The Deep Web is registered as the holder of...
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    All FIFA 14 Kits In ONE Folder

    I think that this folder will be quite useful, for some editors and could be generally used in the future! Note: (All kits are in .rx3 format), use the ID team list FIFA 14 that is located on this forum! The re-arrangement might seem hasty, but it will take time to re-organize all files...
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    ZikaJeSrbin League Packs

    ZikaJeSrbin Kits
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    FIFA 13 Serbian Leagues (PLS,Srpske Lige,Zonske) Patch

    A major Serbian patch including most of the divisions in the country 1st Level: Jelen Superliga 2nd Level: Prva Liga Srbije 3rd Level: Srpska Liga Beograd Srpska Liga Vojvodina Srpska Liga Istok Srpska Liga Zapad 4th Level: Zonska Liga Beograd Zonska Liga Istok Zonska Liga Zapad Zonska Liga...
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    ZikaJeSrbin Kits (Worldwide Quest)

    Index... Welcome!
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    Balkan League Patch by BPB Team (Serbia)

    Exciting project by the partners of FIFA-Serbia, by the newly formed fifa editing team of (BPB Balkan Pes Box) My man pop1806 will publish the rest!!
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    FIFA 13 Faces by vojasrbin

    Just opened this thread for my colleague VojaSrbin: