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    Kitnumbers 2020

    I created missing kitnumbers for Arsenal and Barcelona for 2019/2020 season, if anyone is interested below are download links. Files are ready to work with Revolution Mod, just put them to kitnumbers/ and jerseyfont/ folders. Backnumbers position (top/right/bottom/left): 0.350, 0.412, 0.200...
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    FIFA World Cup 2018

    This year is pretty significant in football since it is THE World Cup year. EA released dedicated World Cup titles from 1998 and it became almost a tradition. Yet it is almost april and there hasn't been any announcements made so far. Isn't it weird? World Cup 2010 was announced in January and...
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    CG File Explorer 18 Well, if it wasn't for a terrible gameplay maybe it would be a good time to finally buy 18. Nonetheless - this is great news, thumbs up @shawminator! UPDATE 07-06-2018 Download links:
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    Reasons Why I Didnt Buy FIFA 17 and Why I'm Not Buying FIFA 18

    this will be no gameplay related since gameplay should be discussed separately as it is too complex subject ========== no mods (obviously) pc catalogue, winter balls and boots dlc not fixed since fifa 13 ok not everyone cares about boots updates - fair enough - but ffs fix generic boot bug...
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    [FIFA 18 PS3 to FIFA 16] Mitre Delta 2017 by EA

    Hello, this thread is inspired by @rique1984 work in FIFA 14 Editing forum. He's been converting assets from FIFA 16, 17 and 18 to FIFA 14. I don't know how to convert 3D models but some things just work by simply exporting and importing them, i.e. ball models and textures (obviously). I...
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    Stadium geographical zone?

    I changed Villareal home stadium to La Bombonera which visually is slightly similar to El Madrigal and suddenly all my matches in career mode are played in winter. This is actually quite logical since La Bombonera is located in different climate zone in Argentina, but is there a way to change...
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    FIFA 18 News & Discussion

    After all those years FIFA finally gets Mercurial Vapor model. Source: FIFA18 Gamescom trailer
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    Let's keep Soccergaming alive

    Hello everyone, just wanted to say thank you for not neglecting Soccergaming and updating for a (hopefully) better software. I am not a regular poster but I visit regularly since couple of years and I hope more users will come back as well. I have a little suggestion for moderators - how about...
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    It Looks Like EA Updated Hypervenom Phantom 3D Model On Consoles

    As stated here EA recently added new Nike "Radiant Reveal" Pack on consoles and is it me or they actually fixed the Hypervenom socks/collar part? They seem much slimmer now, check out video below: yLANerTrIik And some screens: Maybe someone can import those assets from...
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    Nike Magista FIFA 16 Boot Template [PSD]

    Not many bootmakers around this year, huh? I was looking through the forums for new Nike Magistas to complete Electro Flare pack in FIFA 16 and noticed that hardly anyone makes boots for 16. The problem is that the whole community is dependable on a couple of bootmakers and when one of them...
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    pe pe's Graphics

    Hi, I'm currently playing Career Mode and made some assets for FA Cup for myself so I thought I would share, maybe someone find them useful.
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    Boot Editing

    Has anybody imported new boots to FIFA13 Demo? I was trying but with no success. I used CM12 to convert textures to rx3 format and then copied the files (model: shoe_255.rx3, texture: shoe_255_0_textures.rx3 and bump/reflex: shoe_255_textures.rx3) from FIFA12/game/data/sceneassets/shoe to the...