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  1. JJ Wind

    My Old kits

    i make kits usually the classic and old one This is the first try, actually i made this kit for fifa 18, but i don't know if they could work on fifa 19 or 20. anybody willing to try? this is ac milan 2009/10 kits
  2. JJ Wind

    JJ Wind Legendary Kits

    All Legendary kits, some of the kits i remake from other kitmaker, resize and fix some of the details. i made this thread because i really love old kits design, and i play them in my game.
  3. JJ Wind

    JJ Oldies Kits

    My fav kits, i use it in my own game. under armour by Hagi i use manutd20 short for this
  4. JJ Wind

    Oldies But Goodies Kits by JJ Wind

    I like old kits and restros but no too old, im using these kits for myself. Feel free to use it for your own game..cheers:brow: Ac Milan 1011 Note: i didn't make all the kits, I Google some of them , resize and edit...