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    FIFA Soundtracks

    I sent you 'Right Thurr' by Chingy instead. Its a much better song. Trust me. I hope you like it.
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    CL FINAL(2007-08) [P + R]: Manchester United vs Chelsea

    That was hilarious watching John Terry crying like a little bitch.
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    saving replays?

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    saving replays?

    how do you save replays to the hard drive on the 360 version? or can you only upload them to xbox live?
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    camera angles

    this sucks. they don't have the view that i'm used to. I play with the broadcast camera as if you were watching it on tv but they have got rid of it in 08. why? is there a way to unlock more or something?
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    2000 Crew

    What's this for?
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    Banning an entire country from your website?

    Hey Lee. I fŭcked your sister in the a$$, cŭnt and mouth..... ....and it flowed out her ears.
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    Double Penetration
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    Deadly shooting at US University - Virginia Tech

    No I saw him walking past.
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    Deadly shooting at US University - Virginia Tech

    I hope Iceblu died.
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    Attn: Experts... I Need Help

    It doesn't matter which team you pick. I think you just suck. If Ronaldinho gave you a pair of his boots and you put them on, It doesn't mean you're going to play any better.
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    Anna Nicole Smith..... Dead

    Just heard.... wtf happened?
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    Can't Stop Eating - The Best Of...

    you're boring.
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    World's tallest man saves dolphins

    Hahahahaha (H)
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    + Nintendo DS Lite +

    Thats awesome. I'll have to look into that. I bought my gf a GBA movie player which works on DS too and can play emulated games. It's a lot cheaper but the bad thing is it can only play NES emulations. It cant handle GBA or DS games. Also about the animal crossing friend codes. This is a good...
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    + Nintendo DS Lite +

    I've got a regular oldschool ds. A ds lite looks really tempting but there doesn't seem to be a huge difference to convince me to get one. The look and size doesn't bother me that much. I've been playing animal crossing for about a year now and it really is a very addictive game. Sure the...
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    Thanks Sir Alex - 20 years at Manchester United

    Sir Alex is a hard-on.
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    Saddam Hussein Sentenced To Death

    Poor guy :(
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    China disappears in PES6???

    Who would want to play as the chinks anyway?