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  1. J

    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    Wouldn't win you much because right now it seems pretty obvious he's a solid frontrunner.
  2. J

    Enough is enough ... for SG sake demod the mods

    I'm so pissed I got ousted from my decade long reign. Granted, I was absent for the last few years...but that's no way to treat your elders!
  3. J

    NFL 2012 Season Thread

    Haha what an insane game.
  4. J

    NFL 2012 Season Thread

    Damn right it is.
  5. J

    Happy Birthday ShiftyPowers!

    I already have pie for my birthday. Not much of a cake fan. Just liked the team on the cake.
  6. J

    Happy Birthday ShiftyPowers!

    The Bayern cake looks delish.
  7. J

    Joe Lemon's Simpsons Christmas Special Episode: 1000A

    It was rough. Not horrible though actually. Found it by Googling my name and Los Angeles. Probably need to cover this up.
  8. J

    Headers Fifa 12....

    Yup, I'm getting more header goals now. Not perfect (like real life) but much better than before.
  9. J

    Headers Fifa 12....

    Cool, but how will will it hold up in on an online match?
  10. J

    PKs on PS3

    I don't want to put this in the console sub-forum because it looks like no one checks it. Anyone having issues with taking PKs? Every time I shoot it seems I go wide, no matter how little power I give it.
  11. J

    Headers Fifa 12....

    Yeah, have the same issue on PS3 version. I'm not sure what exactly am supposed to be doing to win them (button timing, holding it down, tapping, etc.)? Occasionally I will win a few, but it's never consistant.
  12. J

    United States v Brazil [P|R]

    I'm dropping by for this alone. **** yes!
  13. J

    Am I the only one... was a good one. I complained about not being accessible. Bull****. I want it.
  14. J

    Web Design/Development Help

    Hey guys. Anyone know any web designers currently looking to build a portfolio or work for fairly cheap? A partner and I are starting up a company based in Los Angeles for gnarly online-LIVE music instruction, collaboration, networking and marketplace. We're getting the funds worked out, but the...
  15. J

    How ghetto is your 'hood?

    Yeah! We don't take too kindly the gypo-brownish type around here.
  16. J

    Grand Theft Auto 4

    Yeah. Just bought a PS3 yesterday. Choose play between Call of Duty, MLB The Show and GTA4.
  17. J

    SG get together

    I already got my free trip to Europe to meet with some old SGers. ;) :clapwap: Don't think he's putting out anymore...
  18. J

    Presidential Elections

    Behold thy art (not the SP character):
  19. J

    Headbutt Your Keyboard

    Shut up dorky ass douche.