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  1. ledatcr

    FIFA 20 Banner & Flag Generator

    Great Work ! Big Thank
  2. ledatcr

    FIFA 21 discussion thread

    Any Chance to convert FIFA21 Beta Close's face to FIFA 20 ?
  3. ledatcr

    Karven Faces

    Continue OM's Face mate !
  4. ledatcr

    Daniels's Graphics

    Best banner
  5. ledatcr

    Karven Faces

    Great facepack mate, Cỏngutalation Olympique de Marseille Fan !
  6. ledatcr

    Pedro10do7 - Kits and Kitnumbers

    hi mate, Can you share mockup preview minikit pack ! Thank so much
  7. ledatcr

    Fatalinho Facepacks

    About Dida and Jaap Stam Face Convert bro ?
  8. ledatcr

    RFA Youtube's faces in FIFA 20

    Link broken !, Pls reupload, thank team
  9. ledatcr

    Classic faces for FIFA 20 by shadow_boy32

    any info about DiDa (GK of AC Milan) face convert ?
  10. ledatcr

    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Where's Vidic face convert ?
  11. ledatcr

    [TUT] How to add icons to squadfile

    Great Tutorial and Script
  12. ledatcr

    GHOST FIFA' s TV Logo

    Great, thank you vinamilk
  13. ledatcr

    JochemLFC2 MODS

    Great work, mate
  14. ledatcr

    FIFA 20 Live Editor

    How do you known icon's id ?
  15. ledatcr

    JochemLFC2 MODS

    Great work mate
  16. ledatcr

    EEP Season Patch 19/20

    I don't see Squads in EEP Patch, What's squads used ?
  17. ledatcr

    Can we change Crowd Banners ?

    Thank mate
  18. ledatcr

    Can we change Crowd Banners ?

    Thank mate, What's file contain texture ?