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    FIFA RTWC 98 Remake

    Would be cool to have a conversation of the fifa98-"retro"-jerseys. and not the original ones. I think it's easy to get the fsh-files and the databases and convert it. There was also FEd98 to view and edit the database. Imo these are the things, that must be done: - Jerseys (i think there ware...
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    FIFA RTWC 98 Remake

    Anyone interested in making a Fifa RTWC 98 Mod for Fifa 16? 18 years ago EA released the first computer game i ever played and i still love it and play it sometimes. How about converting music, menu graphics, scoreboard and popups, stadiums, jerseys and roster from 98 to 16? It'll be...
  3. M

    Button Configuration File

    Where does FIFA 16 store the information for ingame-buttom-configuration? I often play with 3 Friends and everyone has individual control configuration. We ALWAYS have to spend like 20 minutes to configure everything and then again 10 minutes to fix everything we did not configure right...
  4. M

    Total Brasil 2013 Patch

    Sounds great, but i'm not interested in installing a full patch because i'm just playing online. Is there any chance to get just the Scoreboard and Popups?
  5. M

    Kit Request Thread

    Can someone make Atletico Mineiro GK kits? They have two different ones with same template, just different colors: second one is hooooot!!!:33vff3o:
  6. M

    Lagging In Online Matches

    I got holidays this week and decided to play FIFA 13 online. I was in League 7 and just needed to play 5 Seasons to get to Leage 2. No problem, just 2 losses out of 40 matches (yeah i had much time). But now it's impossible to play online because the game is lagging and when i'm tackling or...
  7. M

    Referee Errors

    You don't watch much soccer, right? It's realistic when it happens in the CL Final 99/00 and in the premier league 11/12. But it's not realistic when it happens EVERY GAME. I've seen soccer matches where a team shoots a goal and wins the game. In Fifa it's always one goal, then another and...
  8. M

    Referee Errors

    When i play offline against friends in 10min matches it's okay. The referee makes mistakes which are balanced. But when I play online it feels like the referee and the game are against me. I can have 15-2 shots on target and have a 2:0 in the 80th minute. Opponent gets a penalty out of...
  9. M

    FIFA 13 ESPN Graphics

    You can read my post about how to get the popups. For the rest use search function or create a new thread!
  10. M

    FIFA 13 ESPN Graphics

    I tried some Fifa12 files but it didn't work. But filesystem in the .big files is nearly the same so it might be possible to convert them. So if the filesystem IN the big-files is close to the old: filenames of the overlays_****.big files could also be the same. Wasn't someone trying to make...
  11. M

    FIFA 13 ESPN Graphics

    Yes, that is what i wrote already. You can try to do what 2208binho wrote:
  12. M

    FIFA 13 ESPN Graphics

    I guess you gotta do what i've written above and then look especially at Should be possible to add other leagues, you just have to add their League ID or whatever these numbers (13,39,53) mean to the list! EDIT: I see you mean CL-Popups... I think there is no tool yet to use old .BIGs for...
  13. M

    Is Anyone Interested In FIFA 13 With Football Manager Attributes ?

    Would it be possible to convert Players, Teams and Leagues from FM to Fifa so we could play german 3rd league for example?
  14. M

    FIFA 13 ESPN Graphics

    Yes, BUT: i always have a "," instead of a "." when i get points in skill games. So its 4,000 instead of 4.000. I also have wrong units. Instead of m and kg i have feet and lbs. So we gotta fix this. make a text file, write: Save it as "english_us.ini" in Game\data\region. Then use bernds...
  15. M

    FIFA 13 ESPN Graphics

    Nice, works perfect for me in german. I exported the .ini and changed all into 1. So i have the scoreboard in every match, very cool. Looks definitive better than the EA popus. Are there user-made popus to come?