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Search results

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    Faces By Juunior!

    Thxxxxxx Very nice pack, Junior!
  2. T

    Faces By Juunior!

    Nice. You're improve your work such a lot. Congrats!
  3. T

    Faces By Juunior!

    Nice Guilherme and Escudero :D
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    FIFA 12 Boots Jeff_Oner

    It's unbelievable how you can do a shoe with amount of details. Incredible Work man, you're already a legend on fifa editing.
  5. T

    aNuke's Faces

    WTF is this Alexis?! OMG, best face i've see soooooooo far
  6. T

    Farkam 12 Faces - The return

    OMG this Messi is one of best faces i've seen. Amazing work Farkam, you're a legend!
  7. T

    Faces By Juunior!

    Nice! Can you please release Victor? He's now playing on my team, Atlético Mineiro :D
  8. T


    Thank you mh25!
  9. T

    Faces by Prame33

    Great Guilherme Santos! Man, do you suport Atlético Mineiro?hehehehe I'm a fan of GALO!(Atlético Mineiro nickname)
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    Uzair 12 Faces

    Great Works Uzair, you're the best!
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    Faces by Prame33

    WOW, nice Guilherme Santos :D
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    faces by Carlos*ass86

    Don't like :( Sorry
  13. T

    FIFA America's Released 7/5

    Downloading.... Thanks Man, Superb Work!
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    Uzair 12 Faces

  15. T

    FIFA 13 Cover Contest!!!!

    Hi guys I have another cover, hope do you like it!
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    Uzair 12 Faces

    Thanks Uzair, very needed face!
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    FIFA 12//Preview face by Vinancio//Brazilian

    WOW Very good Vinancio, waiting for it!
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    FIFA 12 Boots Jeff_Oner

    WOW Thank you very much Jeffi!
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    aNuke's Faces

    Thanks Anukes, Superb faces!
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    Face textures by basshunter

    Simply AMAZING!