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    Fonts by Adriano 2012

    would love to see you make a premier league lettering font! :) nice work
  2. P

    Gameface faces (Not what you think)

    how could we use a 3d face model for our gameface? i.e messi's face texture, head model, hair etc on your be a pro? any one have some insight? cant seem to find anything with the search tool. cheers
  3. P

    Bernd & MyFHL Editing

    I get this problem too, windows 7 though, framework 3.5... Any ideas bernd?
  4. P

    FHL-Scoreboard-Tool (Release and Support)

    hi bernd, was this ever solved i have this problem too. keeps coming up with system.IO.filenotfoundexeption:could not find file 'C:\0'. my directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 12 any ideas? Thanks man!
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    Regularcat's FIFA 12 Mods

    Great work all the same though, on my way home to install the new logos, little touches like you do makes such a big difference, gives my game alot more authenticity, very much appreciate your hard work
  6. P

    FIFA 12 Scorreboards by WebmasTR

    Uk skysports would be immense! I.e skysportshd2 etc etc :)
  7. P

    FIFA12 graphix by darxxx (balls and other stuff)!

    amazing balls cant wait for the CL ball either, is there a way to set this as the default ball for ea's equivalent of the europa league or even do the same for the champions league ball when it is released?
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    Fifaccitiu's Some Editing Thread

    Ok thanks man will do!
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    Fifaccitiu's Some Editing Thread

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic, I'm new to FIFA on the pc, normally a pro man but ive made the switch! Is there anywhere where you can rename the the competitions I.e changing the 'champions cup' champions league etc?