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    FIFA Console Editing - PS3 (X360)

    cpu vs cpu , i don't understand .. you want to watch or play ?
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    FIFA Console Editing - PS3 (X360)

    I played Fifa 17 demo on PS3 and Fifa 19 on PS3 . For some reason, 17 seems more fluid . Did anyone notice this ?
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    FIFA Console Editing - PS3 (X360)

    Is there any alternative to DbMaster ?
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    QUESTION a Lot Of Money To The Person Who Does This, We Agree On The Amount

    Money can't buy time, iranian prince, you should know that ! You want poor kids to have access to their league in Fifa, that's very nice, but will they have access to a PC that can run fifa 23 or 24 ? Such a PC is very expensive . The modded game should be 14 or 15 to work on lower spec PCs ...
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    FIFARO v2 - now on soccergaming!

    Can you add the ro league to Fifa 19 PS3 ?
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    FIFA 16 Mobile Conversions

    Can you do a sticky post with the latest files, please ?
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    FIFA 16 Mobile Conversions

    I'm using a controller and i feel a little bit dissapointed this game does not have similar controls with the console version. On consoles, when playing Fifa 14 or newer you don't have to hold down L2 before making a dribbling but this game requires it, so it must be based on a console version...
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    FIFA STREET PS3 (X360) - Console Editing

    PS3 emulator is better, if you insist . If not, just use the PC or even Switch version .