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    List all your complains about 360 Fifa'07 here

    make the shooting and goal keeping non-scripted. It may have been an improvement, but there's still the finesse-shot-from outside the box cheat that results in a goal 80% of the time. Player shots and goalkeeping needs to be more varied. A goalie will not react to the same shot the same...
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    PES - Football for Gay Men

    sorry mate, misread your post. happy new year!
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    PES - Football for Gay Men

    if you bothered to read the 1st post, you'd realize this is a joke.... i enjoy the game very much, just making a statement about the celebrations.... or does that make me a :drevil: person... :S
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    List all your complains about 360 Fifa'07 here

    HAHAHAHAA That must be it ;) Egg McMuffin + Game Warm up = Kaka in Kaka's shorts.
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    Xbox 360 Tags

    See Below :)
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    Help with a word in English...

    TA - Teacher's Aid? Teacher's-Assistant? That's what they're called at universities anyway
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    Cristiano Ronaldo Trade Mark Pass

    ...and seeing how you're from the Netherlands, I'm going to say you're still bitter w/ the Portuguese.... you can call him a fag but he's one of the top players in the world and he's only 20/21...
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    >>> PES6 XBOX 360 Region <<<

    I was wondering the same thing myself! I would check with play-asia.com, as I heard they have region free games...
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    I called EA Europe about 360 game.

    EAUK_Sentience on the official Fifa forums said there will be no tricks.
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    NK FOOTBALL © : 360 Tricks: The evidence they exist.

    The moderator of the EA Fifa 07 boards, EAUK_Sentience: Posted: 09 Oct 2006 15:01 Post subject: Just to confirm here, my understanding is that the current FIFA 07 game on Xbox 360 does indeed have skill moves. _________________ So I guess this means there will...
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    360 demo now avalible

    I love the game but Deco's face sucks...it was much better in RTWC... I think it's the hair thing... Puyol's hair is ridiculous in cut scenes... IN game graphics though, wow...
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    360 demo now avalible

    Are we sure they've been disabled or will they not appear in the full version?? That would be awful but I wouldn't be surprised :( I haven't seen any gameplay footage of a trick ever being pulled off..... I reaaaaaaaaally hope that it's because this is a demo....
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    360 demo now avalible

    Can someone score some goals and let me know if the tricks work? I've been suspicious of this as I haven't seen anybody pull off a trick in the gameplay footage.... I will be heated if I can't pull off some moves... at least in the full version
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    New 360 Movies For Fifa 07!!!

    They also never claimed that they were developing a new engine, that it took 2 years to create, and it was the largest investment they've made in a football game to date.
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    New 360 Movies For Fifa 07!!!

    Has anyone noticed any fancy moves/tricks for next-gen? I'd kinda like to see some flair (rabonas, step overs, etc...) I thought they would've at least shown Cristiano Ronaldo or Ronaldinho at some point in a screenshot or video like they have for current gen versions...
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    New 360 Movies For Fifa 07!!!

    :rolleyes: Mate, if you've followed this game for the 360 at all, you'd know this is a brand new engine...if it weren't all the teams from the current gen games would be in it, and there would be no need to spend 2 years on a game engine... I severely doubt it's going to play exactly the same...
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    New 360 Movies For Fifa 07!!!

    I think it looks great, only thing that worries me was the crappy goalkeeping.... I'm hoping it was on Easy.. In regards to the celebrations, they could've been short because the user could've pressed a button, we don't know that... even if it were that short, i think I'd prefer that to...
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    New FIfa 07 360 screens

    and in contrast, we have our homoerotic PES celebrations intact for xbox 360.... Nothing against gays, but this celebration belongs in the bedroom... :hump:
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    PES - Football for Gay Men

    :hump: hahaha, I'm only kidding guys. I'll end up getting FIFA 07 and PES for xbox360. But seriously Konami, what's up with that?? Looks like a celebration that belongs in the bedroom.... :hump:
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    FIFA 07 Multimedia Thread

    Fifa 07 XBox 360 GAMEPLAY footage: http://www.xboxyde.com/news_3635_en.html