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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    I wanted to ask the same thing too. It's amazing how there is no such tournament in FIFA, Croatia is vice world champion 2018 and does NOT have its own championship in the game ... In addition to the Dinamo already in play, in the past editions of the mod maybe it is possible to recover at least...
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    IFL 2020 By FIFAIsrael.co.il

    Hey, I knew about your project like you told me. Congratulations indeed, well done, nice job, I guess it was a long and tiring job. I tried to download and everything works :clap:
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    wichanwoo's faces

    hello, congratulations for the faces. Surely they have already asked you but I don't know, is there a possibility of a megapack for faces or do you have to download one at a time? stay longer like this. Thanks again
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    qualche speranza nella prossima versione per vedere l'AFC Champions League per l'Asia ??? visto che ci sono tornei da Giappone, Corea, Cina, Arabia, Australia su fifa20! Sarebbe davvero bello provare a vincere il CL anche in Asia! e anche il CL nordamericano (una competizione con le squadre del...
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    JochemLFC2 MODS

    bel lavoro complimenti! in realtà, un ex dirigente dell'Inter aveva parlato di una cosa del genere molto tempo fa, ma ovviamente non è mai andato avanti. ps, Milan e Inter li hai eliminati? e un posto libero lasciato a chi?
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    ehi amico sei un grande, grazie mille! :clap: problema risolto, stavo impazzendo, hahahahah!
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    I don't know what the problem is (and I read on the internet that others have the same thing) put the mods in the frosty mod manager (latest version) press enter as usual BUT the game doesn't even start, it doesn't even start. the problem must be here in some way (or with the mod manager) but up...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    I ask a curiosity, is it possible to make a small modification to the patch? put 12 players on the bench as in almost all the main leagues, now they are 7 like in England ... I ask in this patch, but in general for all. practically now with the latest update of fifa20 you have to start from a...
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    Frosty Mod Manager won't launch FIFA 20 anymore

    yes I solved it, as you said.
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    FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch by Afif

    it's interesting but these are the conflicts with nafer 3.1 mods could you solve? https://imgur.com/a/zLECqJ1
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    ok thanks it WORKS! That was the reason! but I ask one more thing, the players added / removed on sofifa what the maximum data are? for example I don't find any trace of Malick Thiaw of Schalke04 inserted on March 20th ... and so on. the date is always March 10th as the last update just made...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    to me it says incompatible version with this version of fifa why? is version 3.1 should work ... and there is a problem for all the frosty manager ... how to solve?
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    Frosty Mod Manager won't launch FIFA 20 anymore

    I also confirm, frosty no longer works. why? I open the game as usual with frosty but nothing, do you need a new version? (I now have 1.0 5.9) which is the last one I think ... I apply the mods but nothing tells me this: (WARNING: Mod was designed for a different patch version) this on all mods...
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    FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch by Afif

    nice idea. if used with other mods, does the file still contain teams that failed during the year, such as Bury and Veracruz? thanks
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