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  1. K

    Kitserver 6

    Are there any map.txt which assign correct boots for each player? I know that it´s a very very hard work, but, anyone do this? Thanks to all
  2. K

    Sick of the Spanish

    :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: :rockman: :rockman:
  3. K

    Sick of the Spanish

    TEDAKUÉN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jaaaaaaa Señores güiris!!!! busquen esa palabra en el diccionario!!!
  4. K

    Sick of the Spanish

    Solid Lechon, Crehes que podraan tra-dusirlo?? jaaaaaa
  5. K

    Sick of the Spanish

    Shuparla maricone!
  6. K

    Kitserver 6

    pes6.exe 1.10??? It is a update by konami?? Where can i download??
  7. K

    Kitserver 6

    Juce, the ******* king!!!!!!!!!! Now, the question is.... Where we can download hd kits?? Thanks to all!!
  8. K

    HD Kit Server coming, but the kits?

    good question....
  9. K

    My girl started playing PES yesterday....

    Say bye bye to your ps2.... It lost....
  10. K

    224 STADIUMS for Stadium Server

    We have to put the bat file in every stadium folder one by one?? It 224 stadiums... hard work hehe
  11. K

    ISSOnline Entertainment

    norek, can you add me to your msn? For a few questions please. mi mail is killo98(@)hotmail.com When you go to add me, delete the "()" of my email, I put them for ht spam... Thanks a lot!!
  12. K

    ISSOnline Entertainment

    What program do you use to capture the ISSOnline Entertainment Prologue? Looks very very very nice.
  13. K

    Pes6 ps2 version leaked

    I didn´t say where is the file, I just only said its name. This is not warez.
  14. K

    Where is the fu**ing demo!!??

    Hi to all. I am sorry to be so explicit, but I am full with looking at the many webs 10 times every day to see if there has been released out the demo, and nothing... Konami where is the demo!!!!!!???? I know that my message does not contribute anything you, but I had myself to vent...
  15. K

    The best patch for Pes5 for Ps2?

    In your opinion which is the best/latest patch to pes5 ps2? Thanks to all
  16. K

    Superpatch 3.0 Update out now

    Very god job. Thanks for your effort!!!
  17. K

    descent of fps in pes5...

    your video card it is 128 or 64 mb?
  18. K

    descent of fps in pes5...

    with this specs should run fine fine fine!!! X-files...
  19. K

    descent of fps in pes5...

    I tryed to put graphics: 640x480 and low quality (I always play 1024x768 details high...) and it is the same, descent of fps.... what is happening???? X-files in my PC!!!!