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  1. F

    Football Leaks

    Oh yeah that was sort of a big deal but they didn't exactly publish anything earth shattering, just some confidential info about contracts and stuff. Bruno de Carvalho is a fucking joke though, so anything that involves him is always hilarious.
  2. F

    Bayern Thread

    Watch Ancelotti win the CL with Bayern.
  3. F

    FM 16 Details

    I'll probably get it, yes. I mean it's FM. And Draft Mode seems fun.
  4. F

    SG Draft Challenge 2015 - Semi-Final #1

    Saw Douglas Costa and voted for his team.
  5. F

    real madrid thred

    Benzema (H) If he does spend some time en la cárcel, I guess that's a wrap for Ronaldo in Madrid.
  6. F

    SG Draft Challenge 2015 - Semi-Final #2

    This. Oscar was the wonderkid when he first got there but it feels like everyone has evolved and he's kept the same, which is still good, but disappointing considering what it seemed he could be.
  7. F

    Last movie you watched

    Saw The Martian, really liked it, not mind blowing but extremely well shot and entertaining.
  8. F

    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    United got Cazorla'ed. Great first half.
  9. F

    The Bundesliga Thread

    Alcântara? (H)
  10. F

    Rumours Center

    They know the drill.
  11. F

    The Bundesliga Thread

    Hahaha it was true when I said it!
  12. F

    The Bundesliga Thread

    Hahaha Jesus Corona Christ, 5 goals in in like 10 minutes.
  13. F

    [SG Draft 2014 - FIFA] - Final

    Chelsea GK :(
  14. F

    [SG Draft 2014 - FIFA] - Final

    It got down to Ivanovic who apparently is now shit even in the virtual world (H) :(
  15. F

    [SG Draft 2014 - FIFA] - Final

    Haha, emotional! Good one Shifty!
  16. F

    Bayern Thread

    Haha "in huge quantities" (H)
  17. F

    Bayern Thread

    They seem to be; this year might actually be Pep's hardest so far. Unless Douglas Costa decides it's not. They'll still win it easily though.
  18. F

    Bayern Thread

    Costa, what a beast :D Champions by february?
  19. F

    A suggestion

    FabregasChelsea we enjoy our retro feel, so notifications, @s, tweets, ball licking, hashtags, selfies and otherwise general Z Generation shenanigans are pretty much frowned upon. Also this encourages you to read through every thread, new and old, and contribute to every one of them, as to...
  20. F

    2015/16 UEFA Champions League Thread

    Cristiano Ronaldo's career.