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    online settings

    Is it possible to change the default settings for online games (WE9)? I'm talking about PK/OT, conditions, etc. I usually play the same settings every time, and hope there is a way to change it once and for all. Thanks for your answers!
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    Winning Eleven/PES Next-Gen Wishlist thread

    BTW, I also wish that the keepers would be better about parrying shots, rather than setting the table for easy rebound goals.
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    Winning Eleven/PES Next-Gen Wishlist thread

    I might be thinking of N64. I never owned the game or system, but only played it a few times at my friend's house. The great thing is, it seems easy for them to adjust the variables to better reflect reality. Keeper's too good? Just make their boxes smaller/slower. Anyway, I'm glad somebody...
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    Winning Eleven/PES Next-Gen Wishlist thread

    I am referring to International Superstar Soccer for SNES. The camera angle for PK is the same as in WE. Each player controls a box superimposed over the goal, and can move them during the run-up with the arrows, up until the instant when the shooter strikes the ball. The keeper box...
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    Winning Eleven/PES Next-Gen Wishlist thread

    Anyone play ISS? That game had the best penalty system ever!
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    winning eleven 9 online

    Thanks leif. Another basic question tho. Is it possible for people with the same systems (PS2), but different versions of the game (Winning Eleven 9 and PES5) to play each other online? Or are there separate servers for each region-version of the game? Thanks
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    winning eleven 9 online

    How do you see the strength of players' connections? Who hosts which half? Does the game starter host half 1 or 2? Thanks
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    scoring directly from the corner

    is it possible to score directly from a corner kick? i have tried in training, but the best i can do is woodwork. thanks
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    Your Master League Team So Far

    2nd season on extreme with Boca. GK: Westerveld CB: Song CB: West LB: Ally Sassy RB: A. Nadere DM: Foe LM: Asamoah RM: Babangida OM: Doni F: Olisadebe F: Mpenza I have so many Africans on my team; mainly because of their speed and the fact that many are available on frees...
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    penalty kicks

    ISS for N64 had a much better method for penalty kicks than WE6I. In ISS there were those little boxes that the shooter and goalkeeper controlled and a goal was scored only if the shooter's box could elude the goalkeeper's box. why has konami gone away from this? at least it added a bit of skill...
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    WE6I Newbs - How's your Master League going?

    What settings do you have to have in the Konami Cup to unlock the call names? I won the cup in 5 min games, against 2 other teams, and on 1 star just to unlock the call names, but it didn't seem to work. Another question. Can you choose which uniforms the teans where in Master League? The...