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    PES 2009 2 players possible ???

    Hello , Is this possible to play PES09 for 2 person - one on pad , second on keyboard in any mode ??? My options for add second human player are grayed everywhere .
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    Fifa 09 - error !!!

    So my eyes are not wrong . I wonder if that problem is only on PC version or not ? . Anyway I could say that EA sells a game with fundamental error .... and it cost about 45 euro ... . Before I saw this error my thoughts were " ok fifa 09 is not perfect but ok " . We need a patch (if it...
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    Fifa 09 - error !!!

    Hey , Look at this replay --- it is a free kick , there is a goal for my team . But where is fair play ? When I zoomed I saw that ball hit a crossbar !!!??? . This not first free kick with such situation . http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8CO3QTP9 and there is exported from game replay ...
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    AFS2FS: Kitserver module for easy BIN-management

    Juce_66 - it is milestone improvement !!! It is so easy install patches and updates - thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kitserver 7

    Just two questions : Why kitserver don't work in exhibition game mode ??? Are kits (not HD) from PES 6 which worked with older kitserver supported ???
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    How it happends ???

    And in contrast - FIFA2008 @ maximum quality settings 1280x1024 looks awful - picture is in such way to bright,color washed ??? . I don't believe that FIFA 2008 is so bad visually , but it looks strange to me . I didn't tryed FIFA2008 on my old GF 7800 GT ....
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    How it happends ???

    Hi, I've recently changed my old good GF 7800 GT for Radeon HD3870 made by Sapphire and wow ... PES2008 is just different game no slowdowns at all . I didn't changed any ingame settings , and settings in kitserver are the same . Just installed new card with driver 7.11 . Even faces players...
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    slow downs during cutscenes SOLUTION

    For me helps setting FSAA at 8x minimum - it is not 100% fix , sometimes cutscenes are still bad but not as bad as they are normally . I use GF7800 GT .
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    Problem installing Fifa 07

    According EA FAQ - to solve this problem , run Autorun.exe in compatibility mode WIN2000 . I did and it worked for me
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    Cutscene Slowdown/Lagg!

    Hi, guys . In games cinematics are really piss off problem . Shame for EA for such buggy game . I understand that no program could be perfect but what we get with FIFA 07 is too much !!! . Any why solution probably is strange but it helps me - I put FSAA level at 8x and bingo cinematics...