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  1. I

    Classic Players

    its half possible ,u can play with the players but the kits are bugged.
  2. I

    Gameplay Revolution Patch 16

    When i try to play a new career it says fifa 16 doesnt work anymore
  3. I

    Doctor+ Productions 16 Special Mods

    Inietsa 79 Rating and neymar 82- seems like something is wrong o.o
  4. I

    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    How can i change this,this happens when i install the mod
  5. I

    Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay) Mods

    How can i use Creation master 15,with the 3.4 Patch for me it didnt works :(
  6. I

    Classic Players Patch

    is it possible that your patch dont work with doctor fidel + mods?
  7. I

    Classic Players Patch

    When u try to import some players there are some errors Sometimes when u try to import to much players i need to select 5-10 players then save then the next players and so on.
  8. I

    Classic Players Patch

    This Zidane is really nice
  9. I

    Classic Players Patch

    how can i use pele,everything Worked perfect but i cant find the Legends in Fifa 15,i mean the ultimate legends like pele Beckenbauer
  10. I

    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    Can i edit the Nationalteam-job offers? So that i get a few at the begining of a new saison?