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  1. mh25


    Nice one nabo
  2. mh25

    Behnamk's Works

    By the way it's mh25 ;)(Y).
  3. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    For UA Speedform use Under Armour Clutchfit Force model For adidas ACE use adidas adipure model
  4. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    *NEW Boots Adidas Ace 15.1 - Solar Blue/Solar Yellow/Black Adidas Ace 15.1 Leather - Solar Yellow/Black/White Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 - White/Black/Lime Under Armor Speedform
  5. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    I've this boot in my mind long time ago but since I graduated and have a job I couldn't find time to start doing this boot. I want to make it but I can't promise.
  6. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    I'm making the new colorway right now :shades:
  7. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    Use model No.23 - adidas adipure 11 pro
  8. mh25

    A$AP Boot Editions

    Nice Work. Thank you for making the colorway. I'm very busy right now to do it.
  9. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    I already notice that a long time ago. I will wait for the official release then I will fix it.
  10. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    I'm busy with my job. This is the only thing that I can do.
  11. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    *Use adizero model no. 140/209
  12. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    Use adidas Copa Mundial No. 136
  13. mh25

    mh25's Studio

    Song wear this boot yesterday. :D