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    How is everybody doing?

    nice Yoss. Keep the posts coming they are rather enjoyable!
  2. L

    The Azzurri Thread

    If you weren't being sarcastic, they actually aren't going to be at the Confederations Cup next year (unless they win African Cup of Nations in 2013). http://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/qualifiers/index.html
  3. L

    Manchester United Thread [2011/2012]

    Anyone have a good idea of an official date for the away kit for 2012/13 season?
  4. L

    I just put 100 Euros on Chelsea to beat Barcelona.

    Saw this thread the other day, put $20 of my local currency on Chelsea first leg win (the odds were very decent for a home tie). $100 later.. Sadly i won't be re-investing this for a nou camp win :P
  5. L

    Happy Birthday Shinji

    Happy Birthday Mate! Good on ya
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    Manchester United Thread [2011/2012]

    Did you see his goal against the MLS all stars last season? Cleverley is class, and i have no problem letting go of Gibson (a player I have liked and had high hopes for now for a few seasons) if Cleverly can come good this season, I want to see him get given the chance!
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    Manchester United F.C Thread [2010/2011]

    Where can i buy that Man United away kit?
  8. L

    Congratulations New Zealand

    was at the game. massive atmosphere and NZ dominated Bahrain. Parra you failed to mention that NZ saved a penalty in early second half that if scored would have sent Bahrin through on away goals!
  9. L

    I lol'd.

    cruel setback !!:rofl:(Y):icon_spin::blush::icon_spyed:
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    SG 2008 Election sign-up

    bobby = washed up
  11. L

    SG's Best TV Show Competition [Knockout 7]

    presuming your'e talking about british office
  12. L


    yup! my favourite game ive ever been to. the goals were amazing :) overmars!!! and kluivert is one of my top favourite players ever (one of fave dutch players) :)
  13. L

    [Group H] SG's Best TV Show Competition

    group of death along with group D! Family Guy Friends That 70's Show although friends fam guy could go either way
  14. L

    [Group G] SG's Best TV Show Competition

    The Daily Show The Sopranos Little Britain :)
  15. L

    The Happening (N)

    i liked it because i like 28days/weeks later and i.am.legend but at times i was abit bored
  16. L

    Group C: Italy vs. Romania [P+R]

    hey adialex, stop posting photos of your mother and the prostitutes she works with cheers
  17. L

    CL FINAL(2007-08) [P + R]: Manchester United vs Chelsea

    loving that we won, was holding back tears. but was angry throughout the match. joe cole is a stupid c.unt and a little bitch and talentless, drogba has no class at all, and i am so happy that terry missed because he is an asshole of a character and his pain is my joy. chelsea fans, money cant...
  18. L

    The Inter Milan Thread [2007/2008]

    come on inter. need you guys to win tonight