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    FIFA Renaissance 2015: Global Gameplay Package With Specific Addons

    As i see it, this year the game is not bad but there is still the 45 and 90 minute, still rain of goals in that period!?
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    Kenshin's Tattoos

    And the MASTER is back, thanks for download!? ::bob:
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Grafsky, i could thank you even more than ANuke, thanks for all Anuke's facepack, you the man!? :bow::dance:
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    Nice In Game '14

    ME10SSI, nice Freddy Kruger and Jonah Hex faces on players, a bit to much sharpness?
  5. I

    Doktor Ivsa - Gameplay Patch and Sliders

    Hy mate, i must say that replay's have big impact on gameplay so i agree with you word's that this gameplay is worst ever!? :) If you dont like it, just dont use it, you say its the worst ever but you want to use it?? PS: You are not correct, deleting those line you did nothing because they are...
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Well, good optimization or not, it just does not need much resources to run, in my opinion by resource demands it goes in mid/mid-low category (You can run Crysis 3 in Full HD with dual core, 4 gigs of RAM and AMD 280 almost on ultra and Crysis 3 is miles away on graphical field than FIFA, you...
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Why are everybody writing how much video ram they have instead wich GPU they have, its not 1995 so that you can mesure strenght of GPU by size of VRAM, also those who are thinking that they need 8 Gb of RAM tu run FIFA 15 i just laugh, FIFA 15 will use max 2 gigs of RAM by it self (even though i...
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    [MOD] FIFA Immersion Gameplay '14 by AndreaPirlo21

    Mate if you like, you can send me the beta files, i have time this weekend to test and send feedback, in case you forgot i was testing you first gameplay edits for FIFA 13!?
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Im pretty sure that it will use max 2 Gb of RAM, even Watch Dogs on ultra settings does not use more then 4 gb of RAM (im talking of system RAM not graphics VRAM)!? Also in your case, im sure that VRAM from both cards dont add up, its seperate VRAM for each GPU, so that integrated has 2 gigs and...
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    [MOD] Gameplayzer '14

    Nice, just take your time!? :)
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    wichanwoo's FIFA 14 Faces

    Sorry mate, may he rest in peace!?
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    Son_of_God's Faces

    Nice last faces, ty for Jovetic, he looks superb!? :) Also, since you last faces look super real, a Mandžukić from you would be very very nice, no one made him realistic, there are some mid-close but nothing superb and I think he deserves your super face edit!? :)
  13. I

    Faces by ivanfla

    Man, why your textures look so bleached, its like they ware under the sun whole their life, and since when is Ivo Pinto black (brown)?!
  14. I

    Faces by dinamovac

    Is he sick, lot of green going on!?
  15. I

    karron97's Faces Updates

    Mate, little more on texture colours, many of them have "green" tones in them!?
  16. I

    vegasos' Faces

    Fix the lips, he look's like he is about to kiss someone!? :D
  17. I

    Doktor Ivsa - Gameplay Patch and Sliders

    The biggest problem that I encountered in my edits, I can bump up the aggressiveness to make the defence more cohesive and liver but then everything gets more aggressive, middle you cant even make few steps even with shielding before someone knocks you, and when leading the ball with defence...
  18. I

    Callitechnologica - Gaming PDF Magazine

    All that was in my plans, I already made some steps towards stuff you mentioned, especially the interview with Rinaldo, its just a must for this kind of work!? But I'm sad to inform you that all of this may never happened, because I still did not heard from anyone in the team and as I see, there...
  19. I

    Mr.89's Faces

    Nice to see you back here, Ivsa for NLSC!? :)
  20. I

    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    It would be so nice to see Jovetic made by you!? :)