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Search results

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    Mixed Kits & Kit Packs 2012/2013 by ionutz2009

    Great kits ! You're doing a great job !
  2. D


    great progress
  3. D

    Dorinell faces

    Bro is a patch , not a facepack :P
  4. D

    Dorinell faces

    andy , o sa reuploadez patchurile si o sa ti le trimit , patchul nostru va fi lansat in curand footballfan , bro i never leave , all this time i was making faces , i will make more from the top leagues becouse in v2 of my patch i will add them , i will post soon
  5. D

    Dorinell faces

    Guys i will release soon my patch with liga 1 over 200 faces :P
  6. D

    Barclays Premier League 2015 SuperPatch

    Great patch bro i wait for it
  7. D

    Updates 2015 by:johan bc

    Great work bro keep doing !
  8. D

    Fifa patchkz 14/15

    You have the pc just like mine :D it will works Nariman , thanks for all your work , you are a very important person in this forum
  9. D

    ******faces by sandro***

    Goni you need to install sandro's new arm/tatoo patch , search in the forum you will find it :D
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    »-ღ_rÒm_ღ-« Faces HQ

    I can't see the images
  11. D

    MarianTIM's Faces

    Foarte bune fetele , bravo
  12. D

    Faces by FootballFan29

    Hmm maybe i will help you with Nainggolan but now i am busy cause i make faces for my Liga 1 patch , i will release in few days , after the release i will help you :P
  13. D

    Faces by FootballFan29

    All the faces are very look alike for me no one is simillar , you should make a face from begining to end becouse you make incompleted faces , you don't make the real hair of the player , you make the neck and the in face in different colours , you should do a face step by step . It's equal...
  14. D

    anasie10's Faces

    Great faces !
  15. D

    Nariman's Faces

    Nariman please come back we need you !
  16. D

    ******faces by sandro***

    Yeah but fifa 08 face textures size ar max 512 x 256 and it's equal with zero is is in big size or normal size the texture for oedit
  17. D

    ******faces by sandro***

    FootballFan the neck and face colours are different at Naingolan