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  1. Fifapat75

    To decrease stamina

    I would like to insert some strings into my local.ini for FC24 that make the players' stamina decrease more. I usually use these, but I'm not satisfied with the result. Can anyone tell me if I need to change strings or values to have stamina that decreases more from mid game. Thank you...
  2. Fifapat75

    "Personalised trophy" for away goals

    Unfortunately, if you play in "Personalised Trophy" mode, away goals are still worth double! Has anyone found a way to fix this bug? Obviously by acting with the FIFA Editor Tool.
  3. Fifapat75

    FIFA 23 - Improved Grass/Turf/Pitch

    Hey buddy, did you manage to find it?
  4. Fifapat75

    I can't remove the fake logo

    After the last update, my Mod that inserts the original jerseys of some teams is not working properly. As you can see in the photo, the fake logo remains on the kit. Is there any change I need to make to the squads file by any chance? Or somewhere else in the DB?
  5. Fifapat75


    Where are players' injuries recorded? I wish I could take away the injuries. Thank you
  6. Fifapat75

    Block CPU replacements/changes

    We need the CPU not to make the substitutions (we, the users, have to make them by stopping the game and doing them instead of the CPU) this is because we are organizing a managerial tournament only. Is there a solution for this? A string to insert into the locale.ini or something like that...
  7. Fifapat75

    No Crowd Mod

    How do I eliminate the crowd and leave the background noises (voices, kicking the ball, etc...)?
  8. Fifapat75

    MODS italian serie a tim calendar random

    You need to edit the "C31_S1_2023.TXT" file. In the download you can find a mod created by me with a different calendar, which I created and which respects the home and away the Inter/Milan, Rome/Lazio, Juventus/Turin. https://www.mediafire.com/file/oxe8qdrbr82oqji/Mod_CALENDARIO_SERIE_A.fbmod/file
  9. Fifapat75

    cpu vs cpu fifa 23

    Yes, it works! But did you use my file?
  10. Fifapat75

    cpu vs cpu fifa 23

    I'm testing on FC24, this is the SideSelect.BIG file as I edit it. But in tournament play it doesn't let me play CPUvsCPU. Where am I wrong?
  11. Fifapat75

    Editing competition structure

    But are you referring to the "standing" file in compdata?
  12. Fifapat75

    Editing competition structure

    If I want to change a league, for example Serie A (ID: 31) which is 20 teams and I want 16 teams, what should I do?
  13. Fifapat75

    Create players FIFA 20

    I was wondering if it was possible to create players from scratch, new players. In FIFA 19 there was SlimOntario's "CreationWizard", but for FIFA 20 it doesn't work. Is there another possibility to create players other than the in-game editor because you can create a maximum of 30?
  14. Fifapat75

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Top! Collar 9?
  15. Fifapat75

    FIFAPAT Mods for FIFA21

    Here are other updates after patch 1.10: JUVENTUS AND ROMA NAMES >>>> Download >>>> https://www.mediafire.com/file/dewr3jmg6ww606w/NAMES+V3.fifamod/file JUVENTUS AND ROMA KITS (by Riesscar) AND STADIUM COLORS >>>> Download >>>>...
  16. Fifapat75

    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    does not work
  17. Fifapat75

    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    The program is this, but I have never used it unfortunately.
  18. Fifapat75

    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    Already! What an oversight! What a mistake! :-D
  19. Fifapat75

    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    I don't know how to proceed