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    Face(s) Request Thread

    +mods = +people playing= + survival for Fifa16 I agree that if a person has the skills to make a face, kits, stadiums, etc., they have the right to sell or distribute them for free for the good of the community. But FIFA 16 is a game from 10 years ago, it's not that popular anymore, if someone...
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    Stadium Server R App

    How to make all stadiums have an external view? In CGFS there was a file that did this, but it is not working with your server
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    Faces F16 Alexian!!!

    Do you have yours from Everton Cebolinha for F16?
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)

    Does anyone have updated adboards to share with me?
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    Stadium Server R App

    I'm having a problem... How can I add other versions of stadiums that already exist in the original Fifa? Example: I'm trying to add the updated version of Parc dos Princes, but the server always loads the original version, this happens with other stadiums as well, such as updated German...
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    Stadium Server R App

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    Stadium Server R App

    After years of playing version 1.0.7 I decided to test version 1.0.0 and it is infinitely better. Now I'm trying to add stadiums with your server, yesterday I installed it and everything was working perfectly, but today I can't add stadiums anymore, whenever I click on "ADD" nothing happens and...
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    Mega Facepack Big compilation

    link off
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    FC 24 to F16 Face conversions

    great contribution, thank you Can you fix that in your eyes?
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    FC 24 to F16 Face conversions

    This was a highly desired release, an incredible contribution. Thanks to you and all the modders who keep FIFA alive.
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    EA SPORTS FC 24 Pc Extract some files

    Error message when I try to import the head file in CM16
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    EA SPORTS FC 24 Pc Extract some files

    thanks for the work but your conversions don't work in FIFA 16, problem in the head file
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    Thanks for sharing, I tested it here and these models are clearly better than the originals. The bad thing is that it is not compatible with FIFA 16 kits, in FIP there are many bugs like this. I would really like to use it, it gave a new look to the game. I also think you should open a new...