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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    yeah, but it's sad that we can t have those hairs aswell, there are some crazy hairstyles like Jota (Aston Villa), McBurnie, Luiz (Aston Villa) etc
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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    My opinion is that you re doing a great job. even though it takes much more time, I think head scalling is really needed, there are some players like Cenk Tosun and Duvan Zapata who have the heads way bigger than the body and it looks horrible ingame. Also there are a lot of players with small...
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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    hey man, when you'll have some free time, please try to convert Cavani. I tried last year to convert him from Fifa 19 to Fifa 16 and his hair crashes the game. pao4ever made an update of his hair and it's decent, but maybe now we have more luck and his 20's hair is working. no rush though.
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    Topik KB Noob Boots

    Well, these are awesome news bro, waiting anxiously to try them in my game.
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    Topik KB Noob Boots

    I think it's a good idea man, ac12 made a fantastic work but I think that if you'll make next boots based on ac12 model you'll need to update all the previous models as well, otherwise they won't work anymore.
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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    thanks a lot man, quality work!
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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    hey mate, when you'll have some time, check please Janik Haberer. his neck is not in the right position.
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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    Indeed, I had problems but only with Cavani. I bet that if you try and convert them right now from 20 switch version it will work. I remember that Pereyra from watford had exactly the same problem converting from Fifa 17 to 16. Next year when I converted his head and hair from Fifa 18 to 16 it...
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    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    Like I ve said some time ago and you made me a liar malaka. All the faces with long hair will work ingame if you uncheck the face in CM. For me all the faces are working smoothly cause all of them had been unchecked in CM.
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    My stadium studio - Lecco Calcio

    thanks man, really appreciate your work!
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    FIFA 19/20 Converted Faces

    Oh, come on man. I m old enough on this forum to know how many guys Manos (@pao4ever) helped and how many things he did for this community. I respect all the members, I always did and I m pretty sure that these 2 guys can find a solution. This is not the first "fight" I see on SG, but I know for...
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    My stadium studio - Lecco Calcio

    also those turkish stadiums will be great additions to the game!
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    My stadium studio - Lecco Calcio

    here are some ingame SS of the stadium: https://imgur.com/q8Hzd78 https://imgur.com/gJEwU4M https://imgur.com/9gRbarD https://imgur.com/bsJlvbi https://imgur.com/RXnbVN0 https://imgur.com/L608CL3
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    My stadium studio - Lecco Calcio

    I think I have a version of Venezia stadium, if you want I can send you the files to take a peak, maybe you can do something with them.
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    paul21s RFET Project Stadiums

    Great work mate but I can t seem to find Ilie Oana converted for Fifa 16 by Kotiara. I think that Kotiara converted only Astra Giurgiu stadium.
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    Topik KB Noob Boots

    Man, you're old enough on this forum to know that this is spam. So please stop posting on every thread.
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    Rique's Works

    ID for Copa Del Rey please?
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    stadium server problem help me

    Me too, I have this problem for about a year and no solution found.
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    stadiums verdun

    awesome stadiums mate but what camera are you using on second and third preview?
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    eddyedwards10 boot thread

    Yeah, that's sad. cause I think that are the only boots (Predators and SuperFly) who needs badly a new 3d model. @pao4ever, if you can make some updates for these boots maybe can be used for future releases by Eddy or mrBear.