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Search results

  1. yoyo913

    2018 FIFA World Cup Draw {P + R}

    Group of poo: Poland, Peru, Iran, Panama Can't make a group of death.
  2. yoyo913

    SG Draft Voting Stage

    I've been anxiously dreaming of voting again on this forum's splendid teams.
  3. yoyo913

    SG Draft 2017 :: Group Stage Voting :: Group B

    WDW, if you want to do the simulation feel free to.
  4. yoyo913

    Rumours Center

    I see Tottenham bought him for 50m. How good is he?
  5. yoyo913

    SG Draft 2017 - official sign up thread

    We keep an eye on that. If the forum maintains the same functionality then you can set it so polls have visible votes to see who voted. If there are new accounts voting we could spot it.
  6. yoyo913

    Confirmed Transfers

    Saul signs a 9 year contract extension with Atletico!
  7. yoyo913

    Rumours Center

    lol, why?
  8. yoyo913

    SG Draft 2017 - official sign up thread

    I like Arnau's team. It might be the best one and it's better than his usual imo.
  9. yoyo913

    real madrid thred

    I don't understand the context of the joke. Who are they saying that to?
  10. yoyo913

    Juventus F.C. [2016-2017]

    That pic is pretty epic. The save game from when Juve were relegated is very FM like.
  11. yoyo913

    The England National team thread

    What team do you think would buy Hart?
  12. yoyo913

    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    I don't think he'll go to Inter, that would be crazy. Maybe if he fails at his next 2 clubs.
  13. yoyo913

    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    You are already able to picture Klassen in 10 years as a bald 35 year old in a reduced holding midfielder role at a mid table club.
  14. yoyo913

    Juventus F.C. [2016-2017]

    You were largely indifferent about Spanish teams when you were 12?
  15. yoyo913

    Hi. Bhenchod

  16. yoyo913

    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    That's fine
  17. yoyo913

    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    A pox thine thy house. You shall lose the title through a spell of mischief. Thou team shall lose shape and form and be spellbound abound a mystery that shall mystify the gods and leaver you boundless. Thou 2016/2017 title shall be lost upon a different team. A pox shall be placed upon Conte.
  18. yoyo913

    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    Looks like they were right about it. Why go down with the ship? It's not a progressive outlook. You need to be flexible, not hang onto legends.
  19. yoyo913

    How's your football career going?

    How big is the net? Are people allowed to block it? I played this bullshit pickup game a few times where there were very small nets but people kept covering the whole thing up which was against the rules in theory.
  20. yoyo913

    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    Depay with one of the best goals I've ever seen.