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  1. J

    Increase the number of players in the national team from 23 to 28, for example, FIFA 23

    From the RDBM I managed to increase it without problem! For example, I added up to 33 players to each team! The only problem I see is that from the game if I want to replace one of those players on the list of 33 with another in the edit national teams option it gives me an error! but if you do...
  2. J


    I was wrong, I thought you were writing to me from the FIFA 23 forum, in FIFA 20 I have already ruled it out. Now I'm in FIFA 23
  3. J


    No, I'm still modifying a little in approximately 15 days I could launch it
  4. J

    Old Version of FIFA Editor Tool for FIFA 23

    1.1.6 versión its good for fifa 23
  5. J

    Russian league and more teams to expand IEM 23

    Anyone interested in this mod for FIFA 23 just needs to talk privately! It's completely free, you just have to help me locate the added players with real face that cause errors in the game (it's easy) I just have little time to do it and a little disappointed because before they worked for me...
  6. J

    Problem when importing meshes onto faces in FIFA editor

    What version of Fifa tool do you use?
  7. J

    FACES fifa 23

    Can someone try if this mod created by German Fabian Nurnberger works, with ID to replace (253436) https://www.mediafire.com/file/h18ne14ohapws3g/NURBERGERporque.fifamod/file
  8. J

    Problem when importing meshes onto faces in FIFA editor

    Is it a mesh belonging to FIFA 24 for FIFA 23?
  9. J

    Help with leagues please

    maybe I can help you. What leagues did you replace and with which ones?
  10. J

    FIFA 23: Increasing Team Count in Custom Tournament League

    What I did was expand the number of teams in an existing league, for example I did the English league with 70 teams. serves you?
  11. J

    problem with faces FIFA 23

    hello friends! I have been converting players from FC 24 to FIFA 23 and until 2 days ago they looked and worked perfectly in the FIFA 23 game, I have inserted them replacing players who have the "clothWrapping" could that be the error, because they worked for me and now they left it of doing...
  12. J

    FC 24 TLP v6.0 TU15.1 Released.-- (All Turkey Leagues and Azerbaijan Brasil Czech Croatia Russia Serbia Slovakia Ukraine Greece Leagues) thanks to IEM

    Would it be possible to include important minor league teams? Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Cyprus, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bosnia, Israel, Estonia...
  13. J

    I3ens faces (German league)

    link schaub, please
  14. J

    Russian league and more teams to expand IEM 23

    The compdata is the property of the IEM colleagues, at the moment it is impossible to modify it because we do not have access to it.
  15. J

    MG's Faces

    Fantastic faces! Can you create the faces of Jovovic, Miskovic, Sinyavskiy and Ikaunieks?, please