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  1. C

    Fifaccitiu's Mods Thread

    Awesome work pedrito and FifaCCitiu, please share your version, would love to play it !:brow:
  2. C

    Asian Champions League 2016

    There is no chinese league though, and it doesnt show the names of the teams.:S
  3. C

    Asian Champions League 2016

    ok imported it, the teams are there in rest of the world but they have names above them and the leagues are no where to be found.
  4. C

    Asian Champions League 2016

    I have put everything on the fifa16 folder but i still dont see any new teams
  5. C

    HONG's Faces

    interesting.....never knew you could extract files on mobile
  6. C

    Fifaccitiu's Mods Thread

    hey fifaccitiu, are you planning on an update for the career mode?:bow:
  7. C

    Donhede's Faces

    what an ugly personality and yet his faces arent that great to date. If this man has 5 stars, donhede you deserve 10 stars.:jap:
  8. C

    Halilyc's Faces

  9. C

    J@CKEL's Faces

    This is an art gallery so dont expect them to be released:lui:
  10. C

    Tsunami's Faces

    What graphic mod did you use for the sweaty looks LOL
  11. C

    Fifaccitiu's Mods Thread

    Awesome! Looking forward to it :wootman:
  12. C

    Auday Elyafe's Faces

    dude you're hilarious:clap:
  13. C

    wichanwoo's Faces

    I see what you did thereB)
  14. C

    aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)

    Its an update of the previous work so you need to download the older version of morata before moving the updated folders in.
  15. C

    TV Scoreboard Changer

    Thanks for the helps guys, i didnt know i had to put the files into the Ghost fifa folder. Its working fine now tyty
  16. C

    white_knight's Scoreboards

    are the serie a scoreboards not compatible with monkeydragon's scoreboard changer? cos i notice there are more than one overlay files in them. Thanks.
  17. C

    TV Scoreboard Changer

    i keep getting this "file overlay_xx02.big not found erro" but the file is there in the game folder https://na.cx/i/8t1aM6.png
  18. C

    ales94's Faces

    you either gotta create them by yourself or use mods like moddingway which have already created them for you. Then open CM 16 to find out their IDs to overwrite xxxxx/yyyyy.
  19. C

    Cliffjumper's Faces

    awesome work mate ! but there seems to be a bug with Brandt's face https://na.cx/i/33UbtB.png did anyone get this?