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  1. H

    Herman 2GK

    I`m sure someone is able to tell me if there is a collar model on Fifa 2005 which is shown on the Real Madrid Home/away `06 jersey?
  2. H

    curswine's 2GK Kits 3rd series...

    Nice man. :fool:
  3. H

    Herman 2GK

    Been a long time, here`s the wrong vesion of Marseille away which I almost finished updating:
  4. H

    Herman 2GK

    Hey I`m just gonna start doing some kits, I mostly make the front of the shirt, and finish it off later on, it`s vacation but I am not going to spend too much time, or I`ll end up staying awake for 48 hours again, u can suggest a kit anytime, but please do not end up requesting. :lui:
  5. H

    Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...

    Pede whats up man..WTF I have been reading this whole thread, especially the *londen* part, dude that is sick ****. I dont think u`d wanna talk about it, so I`ll just keep it short: NICE-WICKED-FRIGGIN`-KITS MAN! :ewan:
  6. H

    Prince of Persia 2

    I just played this game, and this game is just plain ownage man, it has a free camera to move on third person, just like Renegade, and has uber leetness moves, matrix style. It has some great futures when it comes to attacking, u can retreat yourself when attacking, and coordinate the enemies...
  7. H

    hagi's kits

    Perfect Hagi! They look stunning again.
  8. H

    My "****in`" kits for 2005 :

    They look so good man, nice.
  9. H

    Sander's FIFA05 Kits

  10. H

    Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread

    Pede ur like...soo crazy... :|
  11. H

    Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread

    :bob: :alex: :bob: :bob: :bob: :bouncy: YAY! Congrats mate, hope u had a good one. :)
  12. H

    Herman`s KitMania

    It is not exactly the same, the sleeves have different mesh, and the inside stuff. The normal versions have 2 layers of mesh on the sleeves this year, and the officials have very light mesh, just 1 layer.
  13. H

    Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread

    omg pede! niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheehee
  14. H

    Herman`s KitMania

    Thanks, but actually I need one of an authentic one, the players version. Like with CoolMotion at the WC 2002. Thanks though.
  15. H

    Joey's f*cked up kits

  16. H

    ::: ChrissyD 2GK 2005 :::

    That is very nice Chris!
  17. H

    Pede 54's New 2gk Kit Thread

    Maybe it`s due to the jpg mate.
  18. H

    Herman`s KitMania

    Heh, thanks for the comments guys.
  19. H

    Ricardo Fuller's fifa 2005 Mini Kits Thread

    The Arsenal home is fit!!:p
  20. H

    Sander's FIFA05 Kits

    Nice kits. :)