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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)

    HI Which ID did you use for the Club World Cup? did you put it in international tournaments? Also, how often did you set it? Every 4 years? because in this case how do you get the teams that have seen the last 4 champions to participate? I had the same problem as you and I solved it by inserting...
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    Tight Goal Nets

    we are waiting for good news from the editors, we want goalnets in FIFA 16 like those in FIFA 14
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    Tight Goal Nets

    A program for edit goalnet? can I export goalnet file from FIFA 14 and put it in FIFA16?
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    Tight Goal Nets

    This is what I got in FIFA 16 SOCCERNET_BOX_NORMAL_TENSE_4_SUPPORTS=10
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    help me why trophy black?

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    New European Cup Format

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the current Champions League with 8 groups to 1 single group of 36 teams? Is there a limit of teams per group?
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    SimIT! Stadiums Convertion

    Thanks, yesterday I did it perfectly as you posted, I also changed the glares but unfortunately I had the error, but only for day games because at night everything works perfectly
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    SimIT! Stadiums Convertion

    Hi, sorry for bothering you, I imported the stadium on ID2 and it works at night, but during the day it crashes. Why? It doesn't seem to depend on the glares files but on the stadium_texture_day. If there is a bug, can it be fixed? Because your work is amazing. Thank you
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    Stadiums Related Questions and Answers Thread

    hi guys, the solution to the field immediately filling with snow depends on the pitch_common_texture file. Transform the color of the pitch within this file from black to dark gray and you will see that the field will be snow-covered but always green throughout the match, i.e. it will never...
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    l'antialaising terribile. Per ottenere il tuo risultato devresti rinominare il file goalnet in specificgoalnet_0_idstadium.rx3