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    Creation Master 16

    Ok I will, hoping that it could be fixed somehow.
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    Creation Master 16

    Ok thanks. I guess there's nothing I can do about the colors but I'll see about the logos. If I install Rev Mod will I be able to play online?
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    Creation Master 16

    Yes, but if I change e.g. the color of the numbers for a team, or the position of the badge, it will all be overwritten by the original db files, won't it? A concrete example: Belgium has a black away kit originally. I replace it with the 2016 light blue kit and change the number color from...
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    Creation Master 16

    Is there any way to change the position of the jersey & shorts badges other than CM, and without making my game crash? I just tried with DB Master, it crashed too.
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    Creation Master 16

    Ok, I just did, it doesn't help either. The problem is I can't import kits. Everytime I do that it screws up my online files. And any other changes (to number color, font, jersey badge position etc.) cause this problem too. If you could find a way to fix this it would be fantastic.
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    Creation Master 16

    One of these corrupts my online roster and doesn't let me play online. I just don't know which one. -Adding kit -Changing position of jersey badge -Changing color of number & name -Changing number font -Adding minikit -Regenerating BH I'll try what you said and see if it helps.
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    Creation Master 16

    Is it possible that once I edit something with this tool, I can't play online anymore? Can anyone confirm this? I'm always receiving error messages when I want to start an online game.
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    Creation Master 16

    Well that's clever because up until yesterday only Beta 1 existed. However, thanks for poiting it out, I had the same problem, now it was solved.
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    Creation Master 16

    Thanks a lot for your work Rinaldo
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    Kits Related Questions and Answers Thread - FAQ's

    I figured out how to import kits, but how do I import minikits without Creation Master? Thanks.
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    When Will Creation Master 16 Be Out?

    If there were any, wouldn't they have been posted?
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    FIFA 16 Language Pack (With Updates)

    That's what I'd like to know too...
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    Regularcat's FIFA 16 Mods

    Thanks a lot, you're always creating such helpful files.
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    3K's Kits and Templates

    Good job, I always like these generic kits
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    CM15 and Other Tools

    Whatever, nvm. It doesn't matter anymore as I'm done once and for all with this game. Thanks anyway. (If anyone wonders why: 1.because it's a shit game, 2.because I have a broken finger)
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    CM15 and Other Tools

    I swear it was working in the first few months. I gave a team a 4th or a 7th kit and I played with that. I unlocked the classic jerseys through CM and I played with those. I changed the colors of the numbers and it worked. Then something happened and it hasn't worked again since. Now I have e.g...
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    CM15 and Other Tools

    Why can't I play online (anymore) after using CM?? Can anyone help me out here? Last year, when I bought Fifa 15, I installed CM and I edited all kinds of stuff: jerseys, faces, team names, jersey numbers etc. I never had a problem with anything. I could even choose between all 7-8 jerseys I...
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    Stark Industries

    Excellent stuff, thanks a lot
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    Stark Industries

    Great job on Barca & PSG, gracias! Hopefully Inter too (home jersey presented yesterday)
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    Must-See Video: The Ridiculous Defending System In FIFA 15

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBm5IIrit_o This video shows how embarrassing the defending system in Fifa 15 is. You can press buttons like a moron 100 times, but those players either don't clear the ball, or always clear it into the opponent's feet, or run over each other. Artificial...