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    Scarves in FIFA12

    A while ago I changed updated all the flags in FIFA12, so that every team in my database has flag.rx3 file with 2 flags each. However, since then I started to notice two things: 1. Teams linked to certain nations tend to not use flags (England, Slovenia, every country that doesn't have a team...
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    FIFA 12 Flags

    A similar trick worked for me. Change the nationality of the Philippines team to for example Germany, regenerate via CM 12 and start FIFA. What also might help is to let the team you want the flags visible for, to play against a team that certainly has flags (like Ajax, Real Madrid, etc.). It...
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    FIFA 12 Flags

    Ok, I'll try to write down everything I've done and found over the last couple of days. I think those findings are pretty interesting. Here it goes: Importing flags: 1. Download the Rx3-converter and eventually the FIFA Converter, to enrich and strip the PNG files. 2. Strip and enrich the flag...
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    FIFA 12 Flags

    Hey all, For years I've been editing FIFA 12, mainly via DBM12 and Creation Master 12. However, it's only been since this weekthat I know how to successfully import flags into FIFA 12. But here is where a new issue occurs. For a lot of the teams I added the flags into, the new flags will be...