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    Complete Argentina 2023 + Conmebol + Rest of World (600+ Teams!!)

    Excellent, I'm going to look for the kits I have to convert them and make the minikits. As soon as I have them, I'll send them to you so you can include them in the update. If you want, I could also try to make mini face of the players. I hope to have it ready as soon as possible. greetings
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    Complete Argentina 2023 + Conmebol + Rest of World (600+ Teams!!)

    Some kits from the FUTVE league (VENEZUELA) Some are my authorship and others are from PES forums but first I must convert them to FIFA format so that they look good and I don't really know how to do it or if there is a tool that can do it
  3. M

    Complete Argentina 2023 + Conmebol + Rest of World (600+ Teams!!)

    Hello colgado, I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you for such excellent work, just yesterday I was able to download and install it, at the moment it works very well, I would like to know if I can update some kits to the mod safely to avoid errors in the game, I was thinking of...
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    Italian Mod - Serie C Lega Pro

    Hello, would it please be possible to have this mod available again? the link is broken
  5. M


    Hi, please, liga Smartbank :-O
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    Programs & Files [tokke001]

    Hi tokke001 please help me How do I remove the league adboard? to be able to see the specific league adboards? I have your version of creation master and I do what you indicate step by step but it only shows the league adboards, thanks for your answer :innocent_smile_1:
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    Leagues Pack

    Great Work!! Please could you explain how to edit the tournaments with creation master and functioning mode manager too?
  8. M

    Calvarez's 16

    wonderful job, accept requests? :wootman::wootman:
  9. M

    Calvarez's 16

    Excellent man, welcome back.
  10. M

    michellima82's Alternative Kits

    Excellent work, you could make the Real Oviedo kits? :andrei:
  11. M

    makispla's Kits

    Great work Makispla, impressive; CMPs can be used in fifa 14?
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    Stitched Logos - Request Accepted

    thanks for caracas fc logo, wonderfull work!
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    Stitched Logos - Request Accepted

    Wow excelent work man, please Caracas FC http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9vU2d3ASgbU/UCkIbORocUI/AAAAAAAAO58/QEh8SVCzfMk/s1600/CARACAS+FC-VEN+LOGO.jpg
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    Spanish Segunda División B kits (2009-10)

    (Y) wow!! excelent work man!! (Y) (Y) have you a patch over Spain 2nd B ? (Y) (Y)
  15. M

    Mogolos Kit Laboratory vol.II

    Hi mogolos can you make this puma design?
  16. M

    Tequila Kits & Hysterical Minikits

    :icon_spin::icon_spin::icon_spin: Greath kits man. please you can make a Maribor (slovenia) and Ferencvaros (Hungary) kits? :innocent_smile_1:
  17. M

    Patches in .cmp format

    Hi Nafer you have a interesting Latinamerican Stadiums please if you can find Venezuelas Stadiums and post here? :icon_spin:Thanks and sorry for my bad English.
  18. M

    Venezuelan Stadiums

    :confused::confused::confused: Where I can download Venezuelan stadiums? -Pachencho Romero -Estadio Olimpico Universitario -Monumental de Maturin -Pueblo Nuevo -Cachamay :nape:Sorry for my bad English
  19. M

    Rorschach - Brazilian´s Kits

    :) Nice Work :)
  20. M

    CALVAREZ Kits 08::..

    Greath !! Calvarez !!