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    Liga boliviana 2011 - exclusivo

    LIGA BOLIVIANA 2011 - FIFABOLIVIA TRAILER LIGA BOLIVIANA We are pleased to present our work completed, it is a project that took their time and effort on the part of those who made ​​this work possible, no doubt that formed the...
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    id faces fifa11?????

    where I can find the id of the faces of the players in fifa11? I was able to import the heads to 3dsmax, I begin editing but no heads which correspond to players .....
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    Free camera

    as I have free camara? I have to create some file? very grateful to anyone who can help me. before I had it in fifa09 thank kitraptor, but not now. excuse my English.
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    the game is slow

    I have a cpu, 256 mb of video (GForce FX), Pentium 4 3.1ghz, 1GB RAM, and the game in 640 * 480 runs high as well, but when you upload to 1024 * 768, the game runs jumps, and fix this? will increase RAM? 2 gigas be fine?