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    A Season With Tottenham Hotspur on PES 2012

    Hi guys! Long time, no see! Are there any old timers left here? :) Spent some hours recording and compiling another "season review" thing, this time with real time audio and lots of goals, in fact, all goals scored by and against Spurs for an entire season! Here's a season with Tottenham Hotspur...
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    PES6 Video compilation; A season with Tottenham Hotspur

    So I played an entire season with Tottenham on PES6, with the Evolution patch and the newest Milanista OF, saved and recorded ALL the goals I scored, and made a video compilation out of it, match by match. Turned out kinda cool, so thought I'd share. It's a bit big, but oh well, check it out...
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    WE7 trick library

    Making some sort of library of all trick-moves in the game, there's a fairly nice collection already right here: If anyone got vids of tricks, please send them to me and I'll upload them to the library. [email protected]
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    4 brand new WE7 scans revealing loads of new stuff

    Got e-mails from a couple of guys at Gamefaqs, they had both scanned pages from two different magazines: The pictures named 'infofromluke' are Luke's pictures along with a translation of what the mag says. Looking and sounding sweeter by the minute. :)
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    Even more WE7 news

    First some new scans revealing a new move (check out the Brazilian) and possibly some new info (if someone translates it). Thanks to lomungtung from the Evo-Web boards for the scans: This is from 'holdincourt' over at Gamefaqs who has translated some features...
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    WE7 gameplay news

    This piece of info comes from Kezman of the Evo-Web boards, who knows an editor of a magazine who is currently trying out the game for a review: - the ball deflects very often, works in such a way, as if now also the member masses were computed individually - goal keepers shorten the...
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    More WE7 news

    First some confirmed stuff from KCET's Finest: 100% Confirmed details (from a games magazine editor who has a copy of WE7, who is also a WE fanatic) about WE7/PES3 have started to filter through. What is confirmed, is a MANUAL REPLAY OPTION is included. This means replays whenever you want...
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    Quick goal

    I just played Charlton, and only 49 seconds into the first half (10 min games) Camara managed to score from a header, which I think is a personal record. Below is the link to the goal (302kb) and a picture. What's your personal record?
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    WE7 scores 37/40 in Jap Magazine

    Cut and pasted from KCET Finest : First review score for WE7 is in, from Japanese publication 'Dorimaga'. The game scored 10, 10, 9, 8, with each score coming from a different reviewer. This magazine, along with fellow videogame publication 'Famitsu', is renowned for being highly critical...
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    Argentina jersey

    I'm probably not as updated on this as some of you are. What does the current Argentina jersey look like? Been wanting to get an Argentina jersey for a long time now, but I have no idea whether they've changed their jersey since the world cup, and getting an old version would be quite a letdown...
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    Good news from the English Evolution guys

    From Diggler, part of the English Evolution team: --- Hi, Good news is that everything has now been completed and the final patch is now being tested for any small bugs we might find. Hopefully (major problems aside) the patch will be ready and available for download sometime next...
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    Stadium effect

    I always thought this could change the weather in a match during its duration, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Does anyone know what it really is?
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    Regarding attack build-up in WE6FE

    In WE6JL I seemed to be able to build up the attacks a lot better since every player on my team that I had set to run forwards as soon as we got the ball actually did follow up and ran forward. Now, playing the same strategy in WE6FE, the players seem more lazy, and attack quite slowly, and...
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    Search feature on SG

    Maybe this should be posted in some general forum, but since it's slightly related to WE, I'll post it here. I did a search for 'WE7' in order to gather some information, as I've been a bit off the 'scene' lately. The search couldn't be performed however, since words have to be over 4...
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    Call names list for WE6FE

    Does anyone have a list of which are the different teams in the call-names list? It's boring and time-consuming going through them all trying to find each and every team. :P I know there's a list at Rhapsody's page, but it's not comprehensive enough for WE6FE.
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    First WE6FE gameplay vid Looks neat. :)
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    Totally hilarious PES2 bug

    Playing Moscow in the Tiny Cup's semi-final, I'm putting on pressure by pumping long balls up towards my strikers. One of the passes goes really far, the Moscow keeper runs out, and my nearest striker (Agahowa) takes a dive for the ball, and as he does this the keeper does that weird move he...
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    Full-length PES2 level 5 match

    Goku was kind enough to host a recreation of the World Cup final, Brazil vs Germany in PES2. The game is played on the Yokahoma stadium, on level 5. I've seen quite a few requests from people of full-lenght match footage, well, here it is...
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    Making patch for WE6JL

    I'm thinking of making a patch for WE6JL, not a biggie, but a patch that translates all player and team-names into latin (English if you like) characters. The thing is, I have no idea whatsoever on how to start. How and where can I edit the games database?
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    CM/PES stats needed!

    I need the latest CM/PES stats for all Spurs-players. Does anyone know where I can get this? I'm making Spurs in PES2, but want to know each player's exact stats in order to make the game more realistic. Since the latest version of CM I have is quite old (00-01 season), could anyone with a newer...