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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Hi Kotiara, any possibility to fix Spal stadium crowd? Thanks ;)
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    Turf deterioration - Fifa 16

    It seems to me that you have to change a texture but I never understood what exactly ... :(
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Hi Kotiara, thanks for your efforts! A small request for Paolo Mazza Spal stadium, the positioning of the crowd is wrong,in the left curve are the spal supporters, can it be corrected? Thank you
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    karron97's Faces (WWTFM)

    Yeah mate,nice work!! ;)
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    Fer's Stadiums

    My dream is real! Spal stadium in Fifa game, thanks Luiz!!!!!!!!!!! :jap::clap: Only a little detail for me that I go often, the stadium is' very nice and similar, but in the ovest curve you put the fans of the opposing team .... :innocent_smile_1: The ovest curve is for spal team, oppositor...
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    Kap's Faces

    Very nice Salah! ;)
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    karron97's Faces (WWTFM)

    Wow mate, super work!!! :)))
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    Perry's Mods

    Thanks mate!!
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    Supernova's Gameplay

    No mate sorry... :(
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    Supernova's Gameplay

    ITA Ciao, mi sa che qualcosa non quadra perche' di solito cerco sempre di curare l'elemento "sfida",neanche a me piace il gioco facile.. :) Che gp gli hai messo? DB? Hai verificato che la Mw non abbia sovrascritto il cl? A volte basta far partire l'installer mw e riscrive il cl... ENG Hi, I...
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    Supernova's Gameplay

    Which patch? I'll have at least ten... :D However, the fact of India playing as well as the big ones I've always noticed I ! It does not depend on the gp ...
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    christophe83460's Flags

    Fantastic work my friend! ;)
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    FIFA 15 Pitch Mod for FIFA 16 - Does it work?

    Explain better qasar, what files do you have to copy from jeets music? Thanks my friend! ;)
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    eafh stadiums update

    Wooww! Now is perfect! Thanks mate ;)
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    eafh stadiums update

    Very well.... :)
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    MYMRangers Stadium Update

    Yeah mate great work! ;)
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    fernhold2k's Stadiums

    Fernold I saw some stadiums using a lot of flags for the home team and other zero, is it your choice to not put it? Thanks for your amazing works!
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    Real Finishing/Running Styles

    Yeah! Just that I said! :)
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    fernhold2k's Stadiums

    Nice stadium Fernold!! :)