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    getting a bargain.

    I signed Henri Saivet on a free from Bordeaux, now worth: He is now rated as 6*!
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    International Affairs

    tl;dr something about India and Pakistan.
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    Player Guide FM 2009

    Not quite - he has a potential of -9 so he should be good, but Lloris has potential of 185 so he's "fixed" at a higher level in general. On my game my scouts say Lloris is 7*/7* for my team, but Asenjo is only 4* potential. My housemate has Asenjo down as a 6* though. (he plays as Man Utd)
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    How i Became a World-Class Manager in 2 Season's

    I was a world class manager just for winning the French title with OGC Nice! I think you're doing something wrong if it takes you 2 seasons with Liverpool :P
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    University of Kent

    Do the maths!
  6. C

    University of Kent

    There's only one thing you need to remember - Sheffield only has one university, the University of Sheffield. Hallam is a polytechnic. (waiting for Tom . . .)
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    New challenge?

    It did, but it doesn't on this one!
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    New challenge?

    That's not true - if they make an enquiry you are forced to respond, and if you price them out of it then the player gets unhappy because you "wouldn't allow talks with the club."
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    Best Team Possible

    This is the formation I use at the mo, seems to be doing the trick:
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    Player Guide FM 2009

    If you wait a couple of years you can get him free on a Bosman, Bordeaux rarely renew his contract. 7* potential on my game!
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    In my third season now with OGC Nice, won the French title the first two seasons. Got knocked out the CL group stage in the second season, but got into the UEFA Cup with this pretty epic victory over Celtic: (my group was Celtic, Barcelona & Bayern!) My group stage this year is a bit...
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    What's your Favorite Thanksgiving food?

    What is this thanksgiving? :p You have a massive roast turkey meal on Christmas Day! Crazy yanks.
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    Advanced Wonderkids List

    My housemate plays as Man Utd and they asked for £29m for Lloris - you're not going to get him cheap.
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    Advanced Wonderkids List

    Hugo Lloris will cost you a lot more than $13m. I'm playing as OGC Nice (the club he came from originally) and just offered £15m to buy him back, and got it turned down. Fantastic goalkeeper though.
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    FM Screenshot Thread

    I just finished my first season with OGC Nice Côte d'Azur - won the league and the league cup. I signed Kallon on a free and "bought" a Moroccan for £0 from a feeder club. Best transfer was André Gignac (striker), bought for £4.5m at the start of the season but I just lost him to Arsenal for...
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    2008 US Presidential Election Prediction Thread

    Britain will regain it's empire over the next 4 years, that's my prediction :tongue:
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    ** SG United 2008 Screenshot Showoff **

    It's the Sheffield connection :p
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    Personal Statement Help

    Don't use quotes, you're not a tool. Sell yourself - what would Terry Tibbs do?
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    Travis Barker (Blink 182) Critically injured in plane crash

    Can't stand the guy as a drummer (he's done well in his projects but I feel he's an antichrist for cymbals) but it'd be tragic for him to die so young. I'm sure he'll pull though.
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    Sad day for music

    Didn't even know Rick was fighting cancer, he's been on tour with Gilmour the past couple of years! The music world has lost a legendary keyboard player - he was absolutely integral to the Floyd sound. RIP.