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  1. C

    Nico classical boots

    Very good boots. Random question, where did you get Arsene Wengers face from?
  2. C

    wichanwoo's faces

    Hey Wichanwoo, Great work as always. Quick question, do you plan on releasing your Sir Alex Ferguson face from instagram? No rush, just wondering if it's on the agenda. Cheers
  3. C

    [FP] Fantasyproduction by Arkantos (alias. HoMi)

    I've got it working. I think because the tool is a little slow I thought I had saved it when I hadn't. FYI its called 'Test Kit' in the app not 'Test Mod'. Only a minor detail but could cause confusion. Thanks for your reply.
  4. C

    [FP] Fantasyproduction by Arkantos (alias. HoMi)

    Hey, your work is awesome thank you. Any chance you can explain how to use Testmod in Slims tool? I've tried to do it but doesn't seem to work for me.
  5. C

    ModServer by Slim

    Download link doesn't work for me?
  6. C

    paulv2k4 FIFA 20 Mods

    Hi Paul, do you know if there is a way to revert Ultimate difficulty to pre the latest patch? It has literally ruined the game for me, the difficulty is absolutely ridiculous after the latest EA patch.
  7. C

    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Any chance for John Terry? He was in 17/18/19. Thanks
  8. C

    Classic faces for FIFA 20 by shadow_boy32

    Can you do John Terry please? Much appreciated if so. Thanks
  9. C

    wichanwoo's faces

    It still works, just ignore the warning.
  10. C

    CrazyRabbit FACES __NO REQUESTS

    That update is awesome..truly awesome. The fact you stuck Mourinho in made my day. Many thanks.
  11. C

    CrazyRabbit FACES __NO REQUESTS

    Wow that Neymar is insane.. I feel like his eyes are piercing straight into my soul.
  12. C

    JochemLFC2 MODS

    Good job on the red bull teams. I like the concept. Are you able to make a Mourinho at spurs save? I don't know how to import the face. Cheers
  13. C


    Anyone know if anybody has converted Mourinho to Fifa 20 yet? I'd love to start a career with him at Spurs but no idea how to get him from 19 to 20. I know how to use Live editor to use a real face, but obviously need his face in the DB first. Any help appreciated.
  14. C

    wichanwoo's faces

    So i'm confused.. You can put these in without replacing another starhead? Is that possible now. If yes then this is rather good news..
  15. C

    FIFA 20 Live Editor

    Thanks for the reply, but I don't mean change something on his head. I mean change his suit/shoes etc once you've applied a real managers face with the scripts.
  16. C

    FIFA 20 Live Editor

    Is it possible at some point to be able to change managers appearance once you've changed the head, or is this impossible? For example you're using Klopp at Liverpool and have the edit manager appearance feature working?
  17. C

    paulv2k4 FIFA 20 Mods

    Hi Paul, firstly thanks for your mods they're awesome. One issue I have with the realism mod is I get no transfer offers for my players whatsoever.. I get loan offers for loan listed players, but not transfer offers for anyone. As soon as I go into career without the mod applied I get loads of...
  18. C

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Welcome back, if you are onto kits again then Juventus would be the popular choice to start I'd guess. Thanks for all you do.
  19. C


    Many thanks for your continued work.
  20. C

    FIFA 20 Live Editor

    So, I get how to use a real life manager that has a club via the scripts, but can you do this for other managers? For example Mourinho at Real Madrid? If yes, how do you do that? EDIT: So i've been playing about with it and I guess Mourinho's head has been deleted from the game as his ID...